Generation Me

By Nick Campbell:

We all seek humility and a sense of gentleness from a prospective spouse. But in “Generation Me” can we find that? Talk about a needle in a haystack! Generation me, the culture of narcissism, is a big problem in dating. How can someone love you if they can’t see past themselves? If you think about the level of selflessness that is needed to really give love to someone, the amount of sacrifice, the  dedication is really lost on most. Why? So many of us are so hung up on being validated, or starved for attention. This affects all of us. That really good man who’s looking for a good woman will get passed up by the women who are desperate for attention. For every humble woman out there, it will be that man seeking to be the center of attention. As a result he will overlook that woman, and the woman will overlook that man. Welcome to Generation Me…

Seeking validation.. 

To truly have self esteem, does one need to be validated? One thing about having confidence is the ability to keep it without any approval from anyone. But if it’s not validation, what’s driving this strong desire to be seen? The digital divide is growing and making this problem even worse. But can humility thrive in a conceited all about me environment? The question keeps coming up, how can you love me, if all you can see is yourself?

Men are becoming just as bad…

There’s been a disturbing trend of a lot more men in the mirror. It’s no harm in being good looking, and social networking is all about sharing moments. But really bro? Mirror shots with shades and an S-Curl? It’s only a matter of time before these brothas are doing the duck face… Men in “Generation me”are definitely pushing the envelope of arrogance to new heights.

Truth be told..

Ladies, and some of you gents.. It’s going to come a time where we have to decide if we can give enough of ourselves to truly commit. You can only be in the mirror for so long before people stop giving a damn. You can only get your ego stroked for so long, but then what? What happens when the attention stops? When you’re the “old bitch” in the club? Or fellas, when you’re the creepy old dude getting at the young chicks? You’ll earn those dreaded initials of O.G.. You know the one with that beard peppered in gray. A flower shirt and khakis, with a Kangol hat and reeks of old spice? Yeah that guy..

In this self centered society we live in, arrogance is in abundance. Humility is scarce, but if you look hard enough in some people it’s in them. It’s a matter of whether they’re willing to allow it in. Can we learn to take the focus off ourselves and learn to take an interest in others? You’d be surprised what can happen when you do that! Open yourself to others and take a genuine interest in someone else.

Till next time TRP!

~Nick C.

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