Three Most Powerful Words……

This post will not be a difficult one, a  long one and it will not be a particularly deep one. This post is simply about 3 very POWERFUL words: Get Over It. Of course this sounds easier than it looks.  There are situations in which you can tell yourself these three very powerful words.  And while this list can go on for days, for the sake of precious time we can spend getting over things, I will not write an all inclusive list:

  • If you find yourself on the receiving end of a “disappearing act.” You looked up and the person was gone. Now you want closure…^Look up at the picture. (Jocelyn’s Commentary: Why do you care what a coward thinks of you?)
  • If you need power and control. You have a hard time living your life if you aren’t RIGHT all of the time. ^Look up at the picture. Now I can honestly say, that I have struggled with this one from time to time. What I have learned is that sometimes what you lose in being “right” isn’t worth the effort. Sometimes it’s best to grab an adult beverage, turn on some mellow music and just CHILL with all of that. Pick your battles wisely. Pick which hill you want to die on; make it Mt. Everest and not an anthill.
  • If you are constantly seeking the approval of others, especially those who are no-count. ^Look up at the picture. Nothing left here to add. NEXT.
  • If you are having the same argument with someone 150 different ways. ^Look up at the picture and take a mental snap shot. In this case you are going to have to decide whether you can live with what is not changing or move on. But in either case, well……..^look up at the picture again.
  • If you are hanging on to past hurts and wrongs, stockpiling these deeds and using them for ammunition against your loved ones. ^Look up at the picture AND write it 50 times on the board! Sometimes we are the cause of our own deep rooted pain. We have been hurt and we want to share that pain with others. This is when it is absolutely critical to let go!!!!  It is too much like taking poison expecting the other person to die.
  • Most importantly, if you are scared….! ^Look up at the picture, print it out and have Cafe Press make you a t-shirt.

In my opinion, nothing is worse than being in a relationship, whether it is you or him/her, where either one of the parties or both, simply can’t just get over things. Yet, they are often left wondering why you are never able to move forward…..GET OVER IT…ALREADY.

After all, what choice do you have?

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  • What?? Questioning your manhood….? Yeah, that’s too much! Move on!!

  • nlcampbell

    I agree! I have so many people still holding resentment against me from old crap. Even worse, place judgement about my manhood simply because we didn’t work out. Get over it for real

  • “What you lose in being right isn’t the effort”…. “if you are having the same argument 150 different ways…”


    Couldn’t have said it better myself.