Sex Appeal Quiz

Finding someone willing to hump on you is nothing special – you can step outside and trip over some dick.  Outside of having a wet, treasure chest in between your legs, how much sex appeal do you have?

Take this quiz and find out.

For each question choose, A, B, or C.

Disclaimer: TRP did not create this quiz, nor do we attest to the validity of the results.


1.  When sitting in a chair you:  

A. Cross your legs at the knee and rest your hands on your lap

B. Cross your legs at the ankles and keep your arms on the armrests

C. Keep your legs close together and cross your arms

D. None of the above


2.  If you could spend on day of your life as any animal, you’d be a:

A. Thoroughbred racing horse

B. Siamese cat

C. Exotic bird

D. None of the above


3.  Lately, Mr. Wonderful’s eyes have been wandering.  To keep them focused, you:

A. Threaten to call it quits at the next blink of an eye

B. Bat your lashes and swoon helplessly with his next caress

C. Make his eye pop! You show up on your next date wearing dark glasses, a blond wig, and a slinky chemise.

D. None of the above


4.  Which of these subtle sexual signals would you say is your personal calling card?

A. Wearing your signature perfume

B. Wisecracking

C. Speaking in sensual tones

D. None of the above



5.  If you were attracted to a man, you would contact him by:

A. Phoning or texting him

B. E-mailing him

C. Arranging to run into him by “accident”

D. None of the above


6.  When it’s time to redecorate your bedroom, you’ll buy a:

A. Waterbed

B. Futon, straw mats, and rice-paper screens

C. Four-poster bed with a lace canopy, puffy throw pillows, and Victorian lamps

D. None of the above


7.  Finish this sentence: Men are most attracted to a woman’s…

A. Personality

B. Looks

C. Mind

D.None of the above


8.  When making love with your mate, you are most likely to:

A. Lie back and let him take over completely

B. Take the lead, control the circumstances, and tell him exactly what you want

C. Join in playful give and take, sharing caresses and fantasies

D. None of the above


For each statement, choose whether you agree or disagree. 

  1. The way to a man’s heart is through his senses, not his stomach
  2. I love classical music
  3. Pure silk against my bare skin almost makes me swoon
  4. In romance, a woman should always remain a little mysterious
  5. I spend lots of my clothing budget on lingerie

Finished? Here are the rate your sex appeal results.

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  • Everyone thinks they have mad sex appeal.  Now the truth will come out. LOL!