Sex Appeal Quiz Results

Before you read the results, first go and take the rate your sex appeal quiz, and then come bcd.

No cheating!

Remember, this is for fun and TRP did not create nor attest to the validity of this quiz.  So please do not develop a complex over the results.

Here are the results:


Your score

For Part One, give yourself the following number of points for each answer:

  1. A – 7, B – 5, C – 3
  2. A – 5, B – 7, C – 3
  3. A – 3. B – 5, C – 7
  4. A – 5, B – 3, C – 7
  5. A – 3, B – 5, C – 7
  6. A – 7, B – 3, C – 5
  7. A – 5, B – 7, C – 3
  8. A – 3, B – 5, C – 7


For Part Two, give yourself 3 points for each statement with which you agree.

Add the scores from both parts.

My added scoring “bonus”: Minus 10 points for every (D) answer that you gave because you didn’t follow instructions and a woman that can’t follow simple instructions is never sexy to a man.



39 Points or Less

Demure is one thing…

But you’ve chosen to take the wallflower approach when it comes to men.  Forget it! It’s not that you don’t have what it takes – it’s just that you don’t use what you have! It’s time to turn yourself into a tantalizing temptress.  Begin by learning the subtle art of flirting.  For shy women like you, making eye contact is a good beginning.  Ass a warm, seductive smile and you’ll draw men to you like bees to honey. Soon enough you’ll be singing the siren’s sweet song of success.


40 to 55 points

You know how to turn on your sex appeal…

You hesitate to use it.  Unfortunately, you consider it an affront to womanhood.  Nonsense! When you use your innate gifts to attract, you create something beautiful and passionate.  There’s no need to feel like a vamp, because you’re naturally sensual and seductive.  After all, men use their wiles, too.  You can beguile a guy without entrapping him.  Go ahead and be both bewitching and alluring.  Mesmerize your man with those titillating teases.  Don’t wait any longer.  Tonight, slip into something soft and sexy and entice your lover into an evening of enchantment.


56 Points or more

Coquettish and charming…

You have an abundance of sex appeal that men find both glamorous and captivating.  When you walk into a room, there’s an instant response to your powerful magnetism; men are irresistibly drawn into your circle.  You know how to keep them interested by listening carefully to their stories and peppering your own with lively humor and passionate emotions.  You dress with the kind of flair that makes you appear sensual without seeming flashy or overexposed.  Intuitively, you know that too much of a good thing gets boring.  You maintain your appeal by adding an element of mystery.


What do you think of the results?

How did they compare to what you thought?

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  • I wonder how many people chose D, and did so multiple times.