Mixed Bag

Life is a mixed bag of relationships, one thing they all have in common… is  you!

If you try to conduct all your relationships the same way expecting the same outcomes, you are going to be extremely miserable for much of the time. In order to enjoy what life throws at you, sharpen your reflexes, go about your business, when life pitches just catch it, turn it round and see what you can do with it. If it’s something beneficial… go with it, if not… toss it back and keep on trucking.

We are not catchers, backstops or wicket keepers… we can’t sit in one place waiting for life to throw something at us. We just have to accept that at some point, something will come hurtling at us at a rate of knots and we have to be ready to either catch or duck. If we duck everything we may miss a winning catch…

Treat each event  and or person according to the relationship you have with that particular person. Be prepared to stand down once in a while. Be confident when it’s time to stand up.


Love a lot, Laugh a lot, Live a lot!



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