Distorted Reality

By Nick Campbell:

For many men like myself who happen to live in Cali (Bay Area), the ATL is a place that has a certain perception to us. We’ve always looked to the south and it’s women as a black man’s paradise. Southern Belles have always been a big fantasy to a lot of us “city boys”, mainly because of the contrast to what we’re accustomed to. The attraction we usually have towards these Southern Belles come from things like: Being cultured, humble, domestic, sexy accent ETC. Atlanta has always been known for having this type of woman. For stand up black men who grow up in shallow areas like California for instance, we’ve always debated about whether we’d have to make a trek down south to avoid the ratchetness. (Not to say it doesn’t exist in the South, but we don’t hear much of it)

However, over the last few years there has been a disturbing trend coming out of Atlanta. TV shows that highlight quite the opposite of the aforementioned. Surely there are horrid behaviors by women all over the country, and I’m sure a show could be done on the women of Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco and others. But are the Black women in Atlanta’s mystique being drastically ruined and exploited? It’s really making an impact on a lot of black men and America in general. That once coveted southern belle is beginning to look real…. ehhh… I’m sure some of us are saying “well I don’t watch that stuff.” According to Nielsen: African American’s have the highest rate of television usage. On it’s premiere episode “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” had 2.5 million viewers. So clearly black people are watching it right?

This isn’t an assault on entertainment, I make no secret that on sunday nights I’m glued to the TV for “True Blood.” And it’s no secret corporations like Vh1 and Bravo are more than happy to exploit dysfunction in black relationships for a profit. However, don’t rappers and singers do it too? What’s concerning me and many other black men, as we nervously watch black women be entranced, is “Do they really think that’s how healthy relationships should be?” I think we all assume that people will know better and know how to separate the two. But is that happening? Is it not distorted reality? If black women are truly buying into this “reality” malarkey it’s beyond scary and discouraging. Because according to my news feed on Facebook, it seems to be captivating the black audience. That’s disturbing considering the state of black relationships today. What’s even more disturbing than that? Where is the alternative? I know the Cosby Show isn’t around any more. But is there not something on TV for us to counter the negativity, dysfunction, and BS being thrown at us on every channel? If you know of any leave a comment, I’d love to DVR it!

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