Our Daughters

By Nick Campbell:

“More conscious of the ways we raise our daughters” with that line in the hit song “If I ruled the world” Nas exposes a complex issue. The way we raise our daughters is key to the quality of the women being given to the world. I hear many men complain about trife behaviors in the women they date or have dated. Well, fate is not without a sense of irony. Consider the amount of men who have daughters, some even raising them alone. Yet some continue to treat women in a way they would refuse to allow their daughters to be treated. Single dads don’t necessarily stop being men because they are raising a daughter alone.

The effect of a man’s dating life and ensuing indiscretions can have a different impact on little girls. You could argue that from childhood, young men are taught the concept of pursuit and conquest. It’s open for debate if that’s good or bad. But when little girls are exposed to this, how do you think that changes the outcome of daughters growing up to be women? It’d be intriguing to find out how much stressful it is to raise little girls in comparison to raising sons.  Let’s explore it a nip..


They say a father is a daughter’s first love.. So if that’s the case are all fatherless daughters destined to be in unhealthy relationships? Why wouldn’t other men and father figures in their lives step up to the plate? It’s something to consider, because the amount of women who grew up without a father likely mirrors the amount of boys without fathers. The consequences of the latter seem to reflect our prison industrial complex. But the lasting effect on our young women seem to take a different turn. Do you feel the absence of fathers has an effect on the rampant “Ratchetness” in today’s women? <<Insert Kayne Shrug here…

Surely there are women out there who grew up without a father and came out normal and capable of being in a stable healthy relationship. Consequently, can absent fathers be truly blamed for some of these emotionally wrecked women? But at what point do we men and women realize that the statue of limitations for our emotional baggage expire at adulthood? It’s on us to be strong and not let the scars of our past hinder us. When we do, it just perpetuates the typical emotional pattern that we blame our bad choices and poor behavior on.

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