Gender Roles and Responsibilities

The subject of Gender Roles and Responsibility is often argued. Generally by those who continue to blame others for their situation, or those trying to justify their choices.

In life there is a natural order of things, a framework so to speak, a point of reference. The idea is to use that point as a beacon guiding us back to the natural order. Unfortunately, there are some who feel the natural order is antiquated and not reflective of times. A lighthouse doesn’t move, it doesn’t change shape and it is not interchangeable with other objects. It is what it says on the can. A guiding light for vessels to reach shore safely.

And so with gender roles. Times change and people have to adjust with the changing times, which may mean moving away from the natural order in order to cater to the demands of life. The problem arises when people try to change the natural order of things to something that is un-natural.







When a woman takes care of the children, works, cooks, washes the car and takes out the trash while her husband is away working, she relieves him of some of the worry he may be having about not being at home. This makes him more effective on his job, which may even result in promotion that could have him at home more. She is showing her children that unity isn’t always physical, sometimes it’s practical and emotional. She is developing her self esteem by being able to competently run her home in her husbands absence.

forced, debatable. When you remove the core or root of anything, you remove it’s strength. There is a reason men and women are shaped differently, think differently, have differing internal structures… this is because they were built for purpose. Men and women each have an innate purpose, only when they are striving to fulfill that purpose, do they find harmony. ‘Striving for’… this isn’t to say that crossing roles isn’t acceptable if it means they can support each other to maximize their efficacy.  It just means that two people are working together for a common goal.

When a man realises that his wife’s skills and talents are more lucrative being used as an income generator, than his own, when they are struggling on his wage, offering to allow her to spread her wings and achieve her potential, while he holds the fort at home, shows leadership, appreciation and good sense. The world may balk, but in his home, the bills are paid, his wife is happy, the children are being influenced by family values and he can STILL hold his head up. He can protect his family by being aware of it’s needs and being on hand to address them. He is providing by stepping aside and allowing the income to improve.

It’s easy to see the negative in the things, but in order to progress and maintain stability in life, one needs to focus on the natural order of things and positively move forward.

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  • Gender roles and human behavior go hand in hand! The better we understand them, the better off we’ll be in relationships.