Check Yourself

By Nick Campbell:

Spring cleaning is the old annual tradition of setting time aside to clean house, sweep the cobwebs, and rethink your arrangements. Well, if you made it thru the winter “cup-caking season” you might be ready to do some self assessing. Starting with your choices in dating, this could be an excellent place to start. I’ve found it intriguing the amount of men and women I speak to, in which they all describe what they want from a mate. But later thru conversation it always reveals what they’ve had….And they never seem to match up. What’s the deal with that? So in order to avoid this paradox, it only need be said that we need to be a lot more accountable to ourselves. The choices we make always start by looking close at what we want.


The earlier contradictions I mentioned had me wondering if people truly knew what they wanted, or where they just making that many mistakes? It’s something that we all have to take a step back and look at. You could possibly chalk it up to lack of quality in the dating pool. The concept that people are just taking what’s in front of them at the buffet line. I can understand that, after all, when faced with limited options what do you do? Be lonely? And we know there a lot of folks who are incapable of doing that, even though it would likely do them some good! In sum, take some time to reassess what you’re doing in this dating game. Always start within and look in the mirror first. It’s easy to assign blame to others, but it’s a challenge to look in the mirror and look at ourselves.

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  • Great post Nic. You make a interesting point by pointing out the contradictions in what people say they want and what they’ve had. Generally speaking, I think people don’t really know what they want. They know what they’ve BEEN TOLD they should want but have no clue on what works for them.