Happy Valentines Day

So it’s here again, a bit like Christmas, some have had great experiences and some haven’t. Some look forward to it, some don’t. Some feel it’s a great way to spend some extra special time with the one they love, some think it’s a commercial nonsense that has no real meaning.


Whatever you think of it… it’s here and it’s here to stay because there are enough people who celebrate it with gusto!


For those of you who DO enjoy Valentines Day, how it is spent, is not as important as who it is spent with. What you do, is no way as important as why you do. Be it listening to your ‘love playlist’, watching your favourite weepy, going for a walk, having a meal or just being wrapped up with each other for breakfast, lunch or dinner… The most important thing is to feel special in your loves presence. Sure you feel special every day… but once a year you have the knowledge that all over the world, there are people who are feeling what you feel, at more or less the same time as you are feeling it. Being able to show off your bouquet, teddy bear, single rose or piece of jewelry that your love has given you… makes you feel good.







And that’s what Valentines Day is about… FEELING GOOD… when the trials of life are occupying your mind, in the midst of the bills, the children, work, decorating or whatever has your attention for the majority of the time… here comes a day, set aside for this specific purpose, that justifies you taking a little money and or a little time to just celebrate each other outside of the norm. Here is the day, when you don’t mind wearing that little ‘teddy’ for him, or that thong for her, you make a concerted effort to have the children stashed away for a few hours. Organise some time from work, cook that 3 course that you’ve been threatening to do when whatever project is done and dusted. Or that elusive weekend  you’ve been promising each other to spend together. Or that concert you’ve been promising to go to. Here is the ideal opportunity to say to your love… ‘I know I’ve been busy, I appreciate you, nothing is too good for you and nothing is more important.’ We may KNOW this and show it in practical ways every day. Once a year, it’s nice to do something impractical, something different, something you wouldn’t normally do.


Too often we negate things unnecessarily… so what if you buy your mother flowers every week… so what if you buy gifts for people for no reason other than you want to… so what if you take Dad out for a drink and go fishing with him once a month. NO ONE is going to turn down being made to feel like a King/QUEEN for the day. So make the most of it. Build some fond memories. Most of all ENJOY.


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  • Despite what many people say about the holiday not being a big deal – it is a very big deal.  Valentine’s Day is the biggest break-up day of the year.  Next it’s Mother’s Day.  It goes to show that if someone doesn’t get what they expected on Vday, then they’ll move on