The First Date

By Nick Campbell:

Should you have sex on the first date? Does it matter anymore? That’s a question many singles are faced with all the time. In a sexually charged society, we’re bombarded with sexuality from all fronts in the media. So with that the expectations and even the assumptions change. It used to be a woman who slept with a guy on the first date was a slut. But as we all know, times have changed, and that indictment is no longer valid. Recent surveys indicate at least half of all singles have had sex on the first date. What could be driving this comfort zone singles seem to be in? Could it be the online aspect? Some people feel that the online courtship can somewhat count towards getting to know people. Whether that’s the case or not is debatable. Can online flirting count as time towards knowing a person? It’s something you’d have to consider, I don’t think there is an obvious answer to that one.

I happen to believe in a theory of “sometimes the date just goes well” it may not sound grammatically astute but it makes sense. Sometimes the date just goes well! You could be out with someone and the vibe is going very well. You both protect yourselves and have an open line of communication, so what would stop you? Is it the status quo? The built in taboo we all have about sex and dating? Those are debatable, but that’s between you and your partner. What happens going forward after the sex, again, depends on you and your partner. The myth that men will all of the sudden become disinterested because a woman chose to have sex on a first date is simply that. Men have many things that could cause them to not pursue a second date, not just sex or the lack thereof. Psycho tendencies might do it, too talkative, too needy, ETC ETC. So it really comes down to a simple premise: What’s your comfort level? My advice: Stay within it and you’ll be just fine!

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  • Even in this “I’ll eff him just because” times, a woman that has sex on the first day is still frowned upon. Sure, as men, we’ll gladly take the ass, but we will always look at them differently than if they held out.