Point Of View

By Nick Campbell:

We all see things differently in life, well, actually to say we have different perceptions is an understatement. The very same woman that is drop dead gorgeous to one man, can be an ugly duckling to another. That hunky guy at the bar probably looks butt ugly to another woman. We use our own perception, and sometimes it can be skewed. Sometimes our perception can save us from a lot of drama, but at others, our downfall.

You could relate our perception to our instincts that we’ve learned over time. In other words our experience really drives our perception and leads us to a lot of choices we make. In terms of dating, however, notice how this can change people who normally wouldn’t be attractive to you. It can change all that through perception. Something about their personality or sense of humor for example, can easily change your views. Think back to a person you dated who may not have been your first choice. But yet, you dated them even though your friends thought you were crazy. That’s perception at work.

Our perceptions and what we consider real are challenged everyday. Take the example of a couple who walks into a bar or club: The woman is beautiful and an easy 10. The man she is with, a 3 at best. The typical thought of most people would be that the man is rich or otherwise powerful. And that’s logical right? I mean why would a gorgeous woman be with a man who is not? There has to be another motive right? Or maybe that’s just our perception and the couple could be truly in love. Either answer could be logical because of it’s subjective nature. And this could apply to a lot of choices we make in relationships. Is something that bugs us or bothers us really a problem? Or is it the way we perceive it? This is human nature and I’m not a psychologist, but I know people! Just something to keep in mind as we go through life. Things aren’t always what they seem.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve often used the term, ‘what you see it what you get’… which probably explains the strange looks I get at times… because what I’m emitting, isn’t necessarily what is being seen… Perception!

  • Our perceptions drive what our “reality” is and unfortunately people don’t take the time to separate perception from reality.