Blame It On The Rain

By Nick Campbell:

With winter weather brings the rain, and for some of us that can bring out many feelings. For some couples it makes their romantic side come out, and then for others, the freak. How does it affect you? With rain and gloomy weather as the backdrop, the sounds of thunder providing the soundtrack, you’ve got a hell of a recipe for explosive sex. Get your favorite R&B record out and put your favorite bottle of wine on chill. Think back to those times by the fire place with a glass of wine and your lover listening to some nice tunes. It’s the essence of sexuality and leaves a lasting impression. But if you haven’t experienced it yet, I highly recommend you keep your eyes on the weather report and make some plans!

The rain also gives you the opportunity to make some great  memories and let’s you be very creative. Although it’s a bit dated and almost cliche, the naked under the raincoat trick is always a sure thing. Any man would be appreciative of that.  It gives you a good reason to break out that lingerie you’ve been wanting to try. Even though coming out butt naked in a dress shirt and cowboy hat always works.. The possibilities are endless when it comes to being cuddled up in the house while it’s pouring outside. If you really wanna go there, you could always take it to the car and really get the effect of the rain. Or if you have some privacy in the backyard, you can really let the rain hit you while getting busy on the patio. Provided that it’s some warm rain coming down of course! Either way, the rain and all this winter weather is the perfect setting for making love. Take advantage of it while it’s here because in the summer we’ll complaining about how it’s too hot to make love!

Till next time TRP!


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  • Even living in the rainy state of Washington, getting it in while raining still has much needed appeal.