That First Date

By Nick Campbell:

One of the funner things about dating is that first date. You know the nervous butterflies, expectations and worries that come with that date? For some it can be quite a fun experience and for some it might be a nightmare. I’ve heard many stories about that blind date who walked in a completely different person. Or the horror stories of people out to dinner and the card gets declined. Or even the classic cliche of one person getting busted out while out on a date by their significant other (or their friend). How would you handle situations like that?

Did you know that over 75 % of first dates happen on a Friday? Well, in these economic times people are strapped for cash. There are many ways to date cheap but effective. But first, what are your ideas for a fun first date?

Let’s be honest, times are rough. I always wonder if these tough economic times are keeping people from dating. I know there’s been studies about its effect on marriage and childbirth. But do you ever wonder if its effect has trickled down to the dating level? Are people now that broke that it damn near keeps them from going out? Something to ponder.

Fellas, remember all those gift cards you got at thanksgiving? What a great time to put them to use. Its cheap and effective! Tip: Alert the waitress (discreetly) prior to using it so it’s not obvious you’re using a gift card. Free .99 is the best price!

Gift cards have been the subject of much debate. For some reason people tend to think it’s a cheap move to use it on a date. Yeah, but who has to know you even used it? Discreetly nudge the waitress and let them have it in advance so that way when the bill shows up, the amount is already deducted. Brilliant! Problem solved..

How to handle the “blind date”?….. Well, if you were told she looked like Toni Braxton but showed up with a hot pink weave and gold tooth…. Stick to the dark drinks. Everybody is cute with Hennessy! True story..

Umm, I’m sure we’ve all had a blind date given to us by a friend. I’m sure the expectation was that we are supposed to take one for the team right? Well, in the absence of all that thank god for Hennessy! ( I know, I know). It’s bad!..#dontjudgeme

With first dates, I think people underestimate the little things. Like cafes, coffee and tea places. Perfect for conversation, and it’s low cost. TIP: If you do a survey for Starbucks they’ll give you a free drink! The code can be used more than once too! #free.99

Movies suck because you can’t interact, and dinner can add up quite the bill with someone you barely know. Fellas, how would you like to spend a $150 on a dinner and have the rest of the date suck and then you never hear from them again? Cafe’s give you the chance to have face to face conversation and cuts out the distraction of a restaurant or movie theater.

Till next time TRP! -Nic

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  • I only went on one blind date.  A co-worker kept telling me how gorgeous her friend was – and she was right.  Her friend was a knock-out and we ended up dating for two years.  I haven’t done it since because I didn’t want to ruin my record. LOL!

    In regards to first dates in general – keep it low key and simple.  A coffee shop is best. If the ideal is to “get to know each other” then you don’t need to go broke while doing so.