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By Nick Campbell:

The grudge f*ck vs fake argument f*uck. Both are inspired by the desire to spark a flame by igniting conflict. Both can also be quite a gamble. Do you risk permanent damage to the relationship by starting fights? Or does the passion outweigh the risks? What if you make the ultimate epic fail in sex, which is to call them by the wrong name? How would you handle that? Many questions come up in sex and communication, I had quite a few myself.

Is it ever ok to start a fight on purpose just to have make-up sex?

Is there ever a good reason to pick a fight to rile your mate up? Does that make for better sex? You’d be surprised how many people are picking fights out there with the hope of the mate throwing them against the wall and going buckwild. Umm, that may be the case sometimes. But don’t get surprised if you pick a fight and then that person doesn’t come back. Play games if you want, but do it with extreme caution.

We all know some people enjoy rough sex. Especially during role playing. But if a partner is being a little too rough for comfort, how would you address it?

I’ve heard much talk about “safe” words and what not. But how do you go about telling a person “hey calm it down”. Ladies, I’m sure you’ve had some overzealous guys going way too hard on the nips. Or worse, going too hard on the clit. It happens, some people think force is the way to go when it calls for gentle. And vice versa, so again this will test your communication skills in the bedroom. How do you politely tell a person to tone it down?

Since we’re testing your sex communication skills, how would solve for this: you’re getting it in with a partner, and for some odd reason you slip up and call them someone else. Ding! ::wanna get away?:: your response???

Wanna get away? Imagine that scenario, you’re in the bed with your mate and things are well. All of the sudden, that flash back you were having about your ex comes and at the wrong time. Ruh roh! What now? What would you say to this? How would you play that off?

Let’s say you’re extremely horny, but your partner is not in the mood at all. You’re on the verge of damn near sexually assualting them, but they are paying you no mind. Got persuasion? How would you flip the script and get them to jump YOUR bones?

Got the gift of gab? Do you think you could set the mood enough to make the cold get hot? What a challenge right? Some might have the game down enough to do it. How about you?

Till next time TRP!

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  • I have never understood how someone could call someone by the wrong name.  Just like everyone else, I was thinking about “Jackie” while I was with “Jane”, but how do you slip up and call the wrong name.  

    Here’s a tip: Just say “baby”.  That’ll keep you from saying the wrong name. LOL!