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By Nick Campbell:

The whole what you put on Facebook debate has been ongoing. It’s been going for a long time actually, but recently I had a chance to speak to some high school students about the dangers of Facebook. It didn’t stop at Facebook though, Twitter, Tumblr and many others are fair game. There are many areas of life social media can affect. I shared my top 5 reasons to clean up your profile. Things like career opportunities, finance, interpersonal relationships and more. I wanted them to see how social media can have a double edged sword to it. Privacy and legal issues are a couple of thorny issues that can come from using Facebook and Twitter unwisely. People have been harassed, bullied, and even stalked via the internet. The youth today are part of this equation more than anything. They grew up in this era, whereas many adults remember a time before the social networking era. Adults didn’t have to navigate so carefully then, but we do now don’t we?

Reason#5 to use caution on FB: “Perception is reality to people”. When you see pictures of constant partying, drunkenness and foolery on someone’s page what comes to mind?

Quite simply, perception is reality. What people see is how they will view you. It may sound like a “duh” moment, but countless people make this mistake and post less then flattering photos. Only for it to surface later in the worse way. What we refer to as an SMH moment.

Reason #4 to use caution on FB: Nothing’s private on the internet. What you think is staying on FB can spread like wildfire in real life. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to read it, then maybe you shouldn’t post it.

Google recently announced that their complex algorithm can determine what you’re posting online. And as a result, search matches are displayed accordingly. This should give you a huge reason for concern, not because of Google so much, but for your own posting habits. Can you blame them for looking at marketing opportunities based on your online posting.

Reason # 3 to use caution on FB: “It’s complicated” when you’re constantly changing from single to In a relationship and then vice versa on a monthly basis. You’re inviting the whole internet into your dysfunction….How important is that FB “status” to YOU?

Oh the ever funny, non stop drama of the “Facebook break up” that takes place online for everyone to see. And then a week later, the patch up. Hmm, you’ve just invited the world into your dysfunction. Not a good look.

Reason #2 to use caution on FB: “Places” to be don’t always have a place on FB. Do you really want all your friends to know you’re at Planned Parenthood? And do you really want to “check in” at your home right after you just posted all those lovely pics of your new 60 inch TV?

It’s not a safe practice to check in from your actual address. Robberies and other bad things can possibly happen if you do. Again, sounds like a “duh” moment right? You’d be surprised….

Reason #1 to use caution on FB: There is no such thing as private. People, friends and non friends alike can see all those rants about your kids father/mother. We are SMH at “you” more than we are them for putting your biz on front street.

Need I say more about this? You’re probably shaking your head as you read this, so am I!

Till next time TRP!


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  • Anonymous

    Here, here Nic… how folk want to put their dirty linen out on show and not expect a reaction, I don’t know.

  • These are great tips Nic.  Although you may have your own “private” page on FB, people forget that it is a PUBLIC site.  You want people to not “judge you” and realize “what you see is not always what you get”, yet you post crazy stuff for people to SEE on FB and other social networking sites.  It’s foolish.