He Said, She Said

By Nick Campbell

Ever wondered what the opposite sex thought about sex? If you had the chance to get in their heads, what would you find out? I spoke to some friends and got their input. And to make it interesting I spoke to the ladies as well. I personally wonder if the two sexes would ever admit this stuff to each other, but hey I digress. Things like how their partners oral sex could be better, how to sneak a facial in there, and the infamous spit or swallow debate came up. It’s all in fun of course, but behold the conversation I had with them. What a unique way to get the vantage points of men and women in regard to sex. Sex journalism? Maybe…

Here’s how I did it: I took the questions of random female friends and randomly selected an answer from the fellas and vice versa. It was pretty interesting! 

She said…”How come I never make my man cum when I give him oral?”

He said…. “You’re not doing it long enough” and you can’t be doing it just to do it. Don’t be hitting us with that one lick and be like “you good?” You gotta love it.

There are many men who will testify to their frustration of the one lick BJ. That “you all right?” lick and the whole 120 seconds of it. It’s not a good look ladies, put in some work like you expect us to. Ask any man, if the head game is superior, then your chances of him staying happy go thru the roof.

He said….How can I tell if my girl is faking an orgasm?

She said…You can’t! Women are excellent actors in the bed. But if she’s really having one, she can’t fake that..

It’s a common fear for a lot of men. Is my girl faking it? How could I tell? I can’t say we always can know if our partner really had a genuine orgasm. Short of asking and getting an honest answer, there are many ways to tell. Leave a comment below with your ideas! My vote is for the 2oo degree body temperature accompanied by “splashes” and that wet spot no one wants to sleep in.

She says…Why is that when a guy cheats, we’re expected to forgive and forget. But when a woman cheats it takes him damn near 5 years to forgive? 

He says….Men take it personal believe it or not when ya’ll cheat, it simmers in our mind forever. Was he better, was he bigger? ETC. A man scorned can be worse then a woman scorned….Well…sorta…

Nuff said.. Men do take it pretty brutal if a woman cheats. With one exception, if we didn’t give a damn anyway! If we weren’t into the woman much anyway, we couldn’t care less if they stray and cheat. If anything it gives us more fuel to keep doing what we’re already doing. It’s a vicious cycle and not very healthy. But like the saying goes: It is what it is…

Till next time TRP!

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  • It is so much easier (and makes more sense) to simply ASK the opposite sex what they think instead of making assumptions.

  • Anonymous

    Insight, a beautiful thing. To get it from the ‘horses mouth’ as it were, instead of making assumption, is so enlightening!