Winter Service

Fall is upon us, many of us are putting away our summer clothes, getting out the duvets, having the heating system serviced, having the car serviced and changing tyres.

We also need to give ourselves a winter service.






  • A trip to the ophthalmologist, those of us that like reading or are studying will be reading by artificial light which can put a strain on the eyes, often causing headaches.
  • It’s cuddle up time, fewer outdoor dates and more cosy nights in on the sofa. Make sure those teeth are in good shape, dining tables at home are usually smaller than those in restaurants, chances are your company can see your molars. The worse thing in the world is to get toothache on a cold, wet day… you’re already feeling miserable why make it worse.
  • Do you wear headphones a lot? When was the last time you had your ears checked? A little warm olive oil in the ear canal at night for three consecutive nights should free up any build up of wax, leaving you with a clear path to hearing the sweet nothings being whispered in them.
  • Did you lose some weight over the summer? don’t let cold evenings tempt you to snack and pile it all on again. Get yourself some cookbooks and experiment with some nice homemade soups, filling but healthy meals, experiment with some oriental, African, European recipes. In fact just experiment with something you haven’t tried before.
  • Did you start a new exercise regime? Is it going to be feasible to carry on with it now the days are shorter, colder, wetter, darker? Now is the time to adjust your schedule so you can carry on with the good practice you got into.
  • Maybe your summer love is over, but you still have needs… what will you be doing about them? DVD’s, toys, books, magazines, social networks… whatever floats your boat, you need to remember it can be a cold lonely night. Married folk are not exempt, people work shifts, go on business trips, visit ailing family etc. How are you going to keep yourself satisfied? Cyber sex has it’s benefits, if you haven’t tried it with your partner, give it a go!
  • Those feet! all smooth and moisturized, toes painted and corns removed so you could wear flip flops, slippers and or sandals. Don’t ignore them now they are cocooned in boots. Keep your pedicures up. They’ve got to keep you going in the rain and the snow.
  • Read any good books lately? The long nights are a good time to catch up with some reading. Did you get an ereader over the summer? did you actually use it? there are lots of sites where you can get free books or very lost cost ones. What about joining a book club? Are you studying? Have you thought about learning a new skill? When you find yourself being inside because of the weather, it’s good to have something you can be involved in that will keep the grey matter churning. Television has it’s uses but can so often kill the art of conversation and stunt the growth of the mind.
  • I love dinner parties, going to them and throwing them. Food is an excellent social event. A few like minded individuals putting the world to rights, a little match making, a surprise for a loved one or just a simple gathering of family. Whatever is the reason for it, cooking and hanging out with friends and family is nice way to spend winter evenings.
  • The box office is teeming with movies and shows, the entertainment industry all clamouring for that Christmas No. 1. Forget the reviews, just grab a friend or two – and go see something, write your own review and post it on your social network page.
  • How’s your relationship? are you an option or a priority? many folk at this time of the year find themselves getting miserable because they are not happy in their relationship but don’t want to face the winter alone. Believe me when I say, don’t let someone abuse the space that another would cherish. If it’s time to call it a day, better now than sitting at the table on thanksgiving trying hard to find something to give thanks for, sitting in front of the christmas tree wondering if s/he’s going to come round, refusing an invite because you feel so bad that your partner is neglecting you. Out with the old, broken, ineffective relationships and in with a refreshed mind!
  • Did you lose a loved one around this time? for some reason there seems to be a lot of losses at this time, especially with grandparents and parents. Take this time to celebrate the lives of those who have left you behind. You miss them, but they left footprints for you to take comfort in. Smile when you look at their picture or they pass through your mind. They wouldn’t want you to feel sad.
  • What are you doing to feed your soul? Are you a church goer? it’s a good time to ‘pay it forward’ are their elderly folk in your community that you could run an errand for? would you ‘adopt a granny’ for the winter, just make sure they are okay, have adequate heating and foodstuff in the home, able to communicate with family that may live out of state. Does your local church do ‘soup kitchens’? what’s going on in  your community that you can offer your time or services to?
For some the winter is a time to hibernate, but why miss out on such an opportunity. The warmth and brightness of the summer generally motivates us to be up and about enjoying life. Winter can be just as fullfilling if you just make a few changes and give your concepts a little winter service.
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  • Great suggestion Basee.  Unfortunately many of us do not think about getting “serviced” until we get sick, but that is too late.  We remember to service our cars and homes for winter and spring cleaning, but we shouldn’t forget about ourselves.  Especially since the holidays are typically a stressful time.