Revamp The Process

By Nick Campbell:

What’s the best way to revamp and reboot the whole process of dating? The actions we take, the way we go about relationships are always up for debate. Well, not debate but rather observation. How would you go about revamping your relationships with people? Dating or not this can apply to you.

Your attitude controls everything. We all know there are a lot of creepy folks out there. But you can be open and welcoming without having to be gullible. Revamp your approach by losing the assumption everyone is out to play you. 

When you’re approached by someone do you tend put up a fence or wall around your heart? Is it based off some bad experience that has you doing that? What if you could take the suspicion and set it aside for a while. How many positive people would you then be able to meet? Ponder that, the ability to be open doesn’t mean you have to play the fool.

For the couples: A good way to revamp your relationship, is to renew your passion for each other often. Never get too comfortable, and always be courting each other. Tip: Set aside a “date night” for each other, you can’t go wrong

You should never get too comfortable in your relationship just because you’ve been together for years. There are many ways to keep the flame burning and a way to renew your passion and commitment. It’s up to us to find out how, and it’s on us to keep the courtship going. We can’t let the rat race of life keep us from having fun with each other and enjoying each other to the fullest.

For the fellas: I know we supposed to be hard and everything, but lets bring the romance back. Channel your inner Barry White and you will get rewarded tonight. (hehe…that rhymes) There’s nothing soft about adoring your woman.

Romance is not dead contrary to popular belief! I know men have a tendency to be a little stubborn and the romantic times of Barry White’s day may have changed, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. Do you still believe in romance? Is it possible to maintain our toughness and still adore our women? I don’t see why not, besides some of the hardest and toughest dudes in history had a serious affection for their wives. Even the Godfather loved his wife and family.

The couple that laughs together stays together. It’s kinda hard to be mad at someone that makes you smile. Bring more fun into the relationship! Pull random pranks on your mate! “Friends” is not a dirty word in relationships…

Laughter is the best medicine! Think about it, could you stay mad at someone who makes you laugh? Or better yet someone who makes you smile often? This is the power ¬†laughter and a fun partner can bring to the table. You’d think a good sense of humor would be invaluable in today’s times right? Something to ponder..

Till next time TRP!


Nicholas Campbell!/nicky_charles

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