Each One, Teach One


By Nick Campbell

A teachable moment, sure we always hear this term. There are plenty of teachable moments in sex as well. So in the bedroom, can be people be coached? Can you coach your lover on how to give better sex to you? What about oral sex? Can you actually show your man how to give you better oral pleasure? It’s something men and women alike discuss in private with each other. Fellas talk about it all the time about how their women lack in the head department. And I’m sure plenty of women sit around the water cooler and discuss their man’s head game or especially lack thereof. So if you were to coach a lover on becoming better in the bedroom, how would you go about that? I suppose a fair question is whether that’s appropriate or even lightweight rude to tell someone to give you better head. Some may not take offense to that, but many will. So you’d have to tread lightly.

Can partners be “trained” to be better lovers?? What are your thoughts?

Now if people could be trained in the bedroom, would that guarantee your sex life can be fulfilled? First off, is this even possible? I don’t know if people can be told what to do in the bedroom. But some will argue that you can give tips, nudge, and encourage towards a partner to the bedroom success. If you have an exact way you’d do it, then what would it be?

Ladies, say your man is not good at “going downtown”, how would you coach him to get better?

Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Men are capable of learning a new trick in the bedroom. So if their oral game is lacking, I’m sure there is some tips the ladies can give to help them step it up. Ladies, the onus is on you to do it. Otherwise you can’t complain much!

Fellas, I will give you the floor as well. What are some good head techniques you’d coach to the ladies?

Now men complain all the time about bad head. I’ve heard numerous horror stories. Teeth, no wetness, you name it I’ve heard men moan and groan about it. The only moaning and groaning we should be doing is from your mouth and throat! Is your man paralyzed to the point where you could steal his wallet? Then you’re doing your thing then. If he’s watching ESPN while you’re doing it, then…….

So you’ve coached your star player as much as you can, and they still aren’t scoring. So do you cut them from the team? Or do you go without? How would you handle it?

Let’s face the facts, some people can’t accept a bad sexual partner. No matter how loving, or how sweet they are. Some just cant deal with it. I wont say if that’s a good or a bad thing, but it’s a question worth asking: How would you handle it? Do they get cut? Or do you stay? Something to ponder….

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–Nick Campbell
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  • Good points, Nic. you can’t help what you’re “born” with, but sex techniques can be taught and it’s much more productive to take time out to teach your partner how to please you instead of just complaining about it – or even worse – expecting them to just “get it”.