Children, Sex & How Far is Too Far?

My daughter is having a 17th bday party this weekend and one of her friend’s father is extremely overprotective.  The party is from 8pm to 1am.  His wife called.  I assured her all would be well and she was fine. She She warned me that her husband was going to be calling. He called.   This is what he said: I just wanted to make sure that my little girl will be safe.  She’s my oldest daughter and I just get scared when she goes away from me.  I just love her so much.”
Too much or sounds good to you?

It was way too much.  When your child gets to the point that they are saving money to move away and never come back because of you, you’ve gone too far.  When we raise our kids we have to let them go and experience things in order to know that what we’ve instilled really has been effective.  At some point, you have to let them go.

Two 4th graders were passing a note and their teacher picked it up. Here are the contents of that note. 
Her: Do you like me?
Him: Yes
Her: Good, because I want to suck your dick.
That’s a true story told to me by another FB friend. Now that you’ve read it…
If you are a parent, have you talked to your kids about sex? At what age did you tell them?  If you haven’t, what is your reason for not talking to them yet?

The appropriate age to tell a child about sex is starting from the very first time you are a new mommy or daddy and change their diapers.  Over the years it’s best to explain to them in an age appropriate way.  As you can see in the scenario above, children are moving a lot quicker than a lot of us think.  Outside influences will teach your children things that you didn’t even know yourself.  Why give anyone else a chance to do your job before you have the time to do it properly.  Teach your babies about sex from the start so that they can be confident and prepared adults without hang ups about sex.

Where do you feel that parents should draw the line when it comes to protecting their teenagers?  Is there such a thing as too far?  Do you think that a child will really grow up and leave never to return?  What advice can you give a parent that is seemingly overprotective?

According to TRP fan Anna Williams:
“I would tell them to trust their lessons. If you taught your child well, then there is nothing to worry about. Even if the child makes a mistake, that will tell you the lesson taught needs repeating or adjustment in disemination. Maybe the child interpreted wrong . Remember, communication is a two way street.”
Beautifully said, Anna.

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    Teaching your children about sex is more than the physical aspects of procreation, like Angel says, it should start as soon as possible.