Back it Up!

Many concepts are formed through upbringing and life experiences. As adults it is our responsibility to explore our concepts regularly and see if those concepts have solid foundations.

It is not productive to take information that has been fed to us and regurgitate it as being fact. Investigation of information, regardless of where we get it, is the only way to have a valid opinion and put ourselves in a position to debate an issue. There is nothing wrong with drawing on work done previously to justify your opinion. In fact this is how many theorists put forward their own views and capitalise on it.

So when making comments based on concept it is prudent to be able to follow ‘I think’ with ‘because’… ‘because’ should then contain your experiences, observations, your readings and if possible citings from others that share your view. On occasion; as with many people who think outside of the box; there may not be anyone who shares your view, that does not negate your view it just means that you need to be able to show common threads. For instance, if you feel that raising a child ‘genderless’… that is, to give a unisex name, provide unisex resources (toys, books, clothing colour etc. not surgical adjustment of sexual organs. Is an not only appropriate but preferred, you may find it difficult to find others who share that view. However, you can draw on society and show comparison between male and female productivity and achievement, thus explaining that to be genderless means to divest ones self from the barriers faced by gender.   Likewise, with parenting efficacy, society and culture, even now, favour females as being first educators and nurturers of children. In order to refute that concept, one  would need to show successes of men who have raised children from birth single- handedly, and produce well adapted, confident and competent individuals AND use the present data to show that many women are not able to do that.

Whatever our concepts, we need to be grounded in them, confident in our sources, understanding and ability to defend those concepts, in either agreeing with or disagreeing with societal norms.

Marcus Garvey said ‘Marcus Garvey A reading man and woman is a ready man and woman, but a writing man and woman is exact. The understanding of this statement, is that when we read, experience, investigate we are informed, prepared for the road ahead of us. But to be able to transfer that understanding to others, makes us productive. It is said that ‘knowledge is power’, however I would go further to say that the application and sharing of knowledge is what brings power; much the same with money. One thousand of whatever currency you use, in your hand will only ever be one thousand, take that sum, invest it, share it, lend it out and all of a sudden that sum becomes a resource that can generate profit, long term or short term or provide the opportunity to do so.

So, when discussing and exploring societal norms, have some background information, have questions and be prepared to learn from others. Share your concepts with others and if you find that your eloquence and articulation is received well. Why not record those thoughts and how you came upon them, in some media format for others to use to help them develop or form their own thoughts. At the very least it will make you an interesting person to talk to and build self confidence and skills.


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