That Was Then…This is Now

By Nick Campbell:

There has been much debate about whether we’re all looking to marry our respective parents. Meaning, men are looking to marry a woman like their mother and woman search for a man similar to their father. In today’s volatile dating environment, have you given much thought to if that’s even possible? Let’s consider some key things here: Men and women from our parents day carried themselves and were also raised a lot different. I put that mildly considering how much that difference really is. There are many factors to why there is such a big gap between the generations, I wouldn’t dare try to cover them all in this article. However, as with all topics it’s worth discussing.

1st: How you would describe your parents or whoever raised you? 2nd: Do you feel it’s possible to find those traits in today’s times? 

The traits of our parents or parent figures go deeper than physical likeness. Their patience or lack thereof are common traits passed down from our parents. But what about character lessons and the keys to life? Those things aren’t naturally passed down and typically taught. Well, they should be at least. But are they is the question, because as we all know times are very…..different to say the least.

Responsible for 57% of all divorces, money issues are by far the biggest problems that tear people apart. Why do you feel that wasn’t an issue for prior generations? I’m saying, they had bills too?! 

Money is the root of all…. well you know the cliche with this one. Money issues are notorious for tearing us apart, or keep us from happiness. But what about then? How did they survive and better yet thrive even under tougher circumstances? Was it their values? More disciplined? They did have bills just like we do today, so what’s the biggest difference that you notice?

What intrigues and amazes about beautiful black couples like the Obama’s, or the Will /Jada Smith’s? With that said why were so many of us rattled at the possibility of the latter splitting up? 

The bigger question is: Why is that the black community seems so invested in the relationships of it’s celebrities? WIth the pertinent issues facing everyday people in everyday relationships, shouldn’t that energy be devoted to our own relationships? I understand many of us feel we have a connection to them for whatever the reason may be, but as with all of america, the black community as come close to idolatry with it’s favorite celeb couples. It needs to be evaluated soon.

Can you truly see yourself settling down in today’s times with a person of yesterdays mentality? Does that “old school” grace in a new school world exist? Or do you feel it’s a myth and long gone? 

I think deep down we all want those characteristics of past generations, but in today’s times how can you measure it? It’s almost like trying to gauge how much $50,000 in 1920 would compare to having it in 2011. So could that really work? Does someone like that really exist? Don’t know for sure, but as always… It’s worth exploring!

Till next time TRP! ~Nick

Nicholas Campbell

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