How Does Status Affect Relationships

Status- The position of an individual in relation to another or others, especially in regard to social or professional standing.

Do you ever decline to be in a relationship because you feel the person’s “status” is too far above or beneath yours? Why or why not?

Status is only in the minds of the person that is tooting their own horn and those that assist in lifting them up.  As has been popular in the thread on this today, we all do indeed put our pants on one leg at a time.  I have never declined any relationship with a person that’s in the public eye because of their status because I don’t see them any differently than I see myself.

How do you stop yourself from being intimidated by someone’s status? 

I’m never intimidated to start.  I’ve never met a person that I felt was more important than I was except my children and my husband.  My status is too high for me to worry about that.  Me and Jesus are tight.  I’m a super star to him so I don’t really worry about anyone else.  I hope that you all feel the same way about yourselves.

Once in a relationship do you believe that people use their status against their mate? Has this ever happened to you or have you been the person of status that has done this? Why do you believe people do this?

I’ve never known of this happening but I’m sure that it does.  There are times that people are so insecure with their own selves that they use the little clout that they have to bring the person that loves them the most.  Often times we hurt the ones closest to us BECAUSE we know that they will love, accept and forgive us.

Is status just a perception? If so where does it come from and how we LOVE past it?

Status is not always just a perception.  People are places in certain places in life and heralded by others.  It’s not often the individual that puts themselves there.  It’s those that love and adore them for whatever they have to offer that do.  Can we love past it?  I honestly believe that love can conquer anything so yes, we can love past it.  How do we do that?  By accepting someone and letting them know that whoever they are to the world is one thing but that we love them for who they truly are on the inside… flaws and all.

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