The Do’s and Dont’s

By Nick Campbell:

There comes a point where single people, whether by choice or otherwise, decide to reenter the dating field. When they do that it’s always good to have an understanding of what to expect and what you’d like to achieve. So my ideas I bring to you about some do’s and don’ts may or may not apply to you. Just food for thought and something to ponder, that’s my job!

DONT: Wallow in the past, or let your ex have a negative impact on you. Use your past relationships to your advantage to understand what makes you tick. DO: Get out there and interact with people! Even if it’s not on the dating tip. It will help to get you open and comfortable. Ladies, unless you’re selling Amway products most men will talk to you if approached. 

Normally, if a woman approaches us men, we’re practically counting down until the moment comes when she says “are you interested in learning about a business opportunity?” So imagine the shock a guy would get if you just stepped to him in a cafe and sparked a random conversation with him. Try it one day!

DONT: Be thirsty….Men can spot a desperate woman a mile away. Fellas, as hot as she may be, go easy.. 
DO: Have an air of mystery to yourself, don’t give away the climax to the movie in the opening credits. 

Yeah them thirsty women! And them overzealous men! They are out there and we all know some. So learn from them and save the best for last! No need to let it all hang out on the first date, show some discipline and self control. If you can… I know it can tough.

DONT: Write someone off because you weren’t attracted to them after 15 minutes. 
DO: Allow someone the chance to stimulate your mind, because if they do the rest of your body will follow. That might happen on Date#1 or Date#8 you never know..

Not long ago there was a time when a man had to really court a woman. And that alone was a process that would take you way beyond date #2, so what’s changed about that since then? Is that why people are impatient when it comes to attraction? Do we feel it needs to be there from the start? Or can it be built over time? Something to ponder..

DONT: Google people! It’s kinda creepy and can backfire. Especially if you have the gall to tell them what you found O_O
DO: Just ask questions to what you’d like to know. But if you have mutual friends, a character reference is fair game. Employers do it… 

Character references are probably the safer bet when it comes to researching someone. I mean google is only going to give you so much. So what would you rather have? Google’s info, or a mutual friend? Either way it’s no guarantee and won’t give you what you need to know. That’s where you come in, by asking questions and relying on your gut instinct. Remember that!

All in all, if you choose to get back out there and date again, by all means go for it!! These do’s and don’ts can help, but by all means are they any commandments to dating. That’s another topic for another day!

Till next time!

Nick Campbell


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    Shoot, best get me a cat! Makes a lot of sense, but I’m not sure I can do all the do’s and I reckon I might be a tad bit guilty of the don’ts sometimes.