Love’s Limits

By Nick Campbell:

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all thingsendures all thingsThis is the passage in 1 Corinthians that speaks to love’s bond and attests to it’s inability to be destroyed. It sounds iron clad in the bible, but, have you ever wondered how this would stand up to the test of the modern world’s superficialness and outright absurdity?  It’s a favorite passage for newlyweds, but when people are teetering on the lines of divorce, does this passage run thru their minds? What are some things that can test love to it’s limit?

Love is supposed to conquer all things. Do you believe this is true? 

How about interracial challenges? Financial strains? These are all common mishaps that come up in your everyday relationships in modern day times right? With a 50% divorce rate you could argue that this passage is not holding true. That today’s challenges are too far reaching for love to remain tight. Or you could argue that it’s not the absence of love causing the strains. Rather, it could be unawareness of the people that’s supposed to be sharing that love. Something to consider when it comes to our view in regards to love.

Cultural differences, religious differences, even lifestyle differences can put a strain on a relationship. Couple aren’t always a perfect match, so do you feel love can endure these differences?

You’re a christian, she’s a muslim or vice versa. With a cultural wedge driving you apart, how would you put it behind you to make it work? With parents in the mix stressing their disapproval and all up in your business can you see the strain? How about those disapproving friends who don’t think you should be dating outside of your race or religion? When dealing with cultural differences you can see how this can be a bit sensitive. Imagine the pressure this adds. Can love endure all these things?

A woman meets a “near perfect” man. He is attractive, well rounded, charming, the full monty. But then she finds that he’s “lacking” down there.. Will love conquer all things here?

Things get complicated as we all know when it comes to sex. I think that question should really be asked three times in a woman’s mind before she answers that. Because on one hand many women claim they want more than sex, but what if a man is not able to deliver the sex with a package she’s accustomed too? What happens then? Does love endure again? You could argue that it shouldn’t matter, but to some sex plays a huge role in their happiness. What happens then? Even when people answer that question, you have to get past the PC answers and try to get to the truth. Can women really bypass sex for genuine happiness? Besides, even if a guy was lacking there it’s not like there isn’t other ways to get the job done. But we’ll save that for a sex saturday to divulge a little further!

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