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By Nick Campbell:

I am quite the information junkie so I thought it would be fun to cover some random sex facts. Of course the concept of “fact” shouldn’t be taken literal. After all these facts are all based on surveys, interviews, research etc. Things like how often men “go down”, who ponders over sex more, or the size issue you name it. It all comes to down to what drives us in the bedroom when we respond to those questions, so whether that makes it a fact is up to you. Anyhow, the topics are fun and creative so they are worth sharing if you ask me.

95% of women shave their privates and only 16% of men do. How ironic because most men loathe the “bush” look hmmm.. Should men chop the weeds down too?

Some people are a little apprehensive about the “bush” issue. When it comes to the ladies, it’s no secret many men prefer the “smooth” look and for a variety of reasons. But what about the fellas? Should they cut the weeds down? To what degree? Bald? Or Trimmed? That’s a matter of preference of course but it does raise the question of fairness in the grooming issue. Why can men have an afro and the ladies must be shaved?

 The “average” man is 5 inches long when erect. That may dishearten some ladies. However, the clitoris is all of 2.5 meters in size (about the size of a pencils eraser) so is a …”pole” needed to get the job done?

Size matters right? Well, what about the aspect of size in relation to the proximity of the clitoris? Simply put, does it matter? Will it make a difference between a pole or sausage, if the main point is to hit the clit to bring her to orgasm? Something to consider when it comes to the size argument. I personally don’t see the difference. You can always be effective which supports the theory of quality over quantity.

4 out of 10 men state they refuse to perform oral sex on a woman. But here’s a hidden stat: A lot of men who do, will hold back on how good they do it, out of fear of turning ya’ll turn into a stage 5 clinger.

Help! I have a stage 5 clinger! Friend: What did you do? Buddy: I ate her too good now she’s stalking me. Duh! Some fellas are very apprehensive about going down too well on a woman? Why? Well, consider the possible impacts of women getting real good oral. Ya’ll know what happens, you know how they can lose their mind. Don’t fret ladies, it happens to fellas too with good head so don’t trip.  But yeah some fellas do hold back, be warned!

Males, on average, think about sex every 7 seconds

If this stat is true I suppose it’s logical because men are highly sexually driven. Not to mention we are visual creatures and so much of our entertainment is highly charged with sex. So from the time we’re young boys, sexuality is all around us and we adapt to that. Women on the other hand are taught to view sex in a negative manner, for their protection and in attempt to preserve their innocence I’m sure. Does this lead to sexual repression and eventual sexual frustration? Maybe, but that’s another topic for another time.

Till next time~Nic

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