How Will You Know?

By Nick Campbell:

When it comes to courtship, the debate usually shifts to whether men actually court anymore. And that’s a fair question to ask, do men court anymore? Of course they do! But what drives my curiosity about courtship, is whether women know how to tell they are being courted. Would you know if a man was trying to court you? If he’s vying for your attention, what are some signs that he may be interested? Is it flowers, a night on the town, or a home cooked meal? What about the subtle things you may not notice? Something to ponder as always… .

“When he’s interested”: He’ll be very attentive, because when a man is paying attention to what you’re saying its likely to understand what drives you. He can’t court you if he doesn’t know what you’re about.

A man interested in you is definitely a man who listens. The skill of listening is not something every man has down of course. But everyone is capable of listening when you take the focus off yourself and have a genuine concern for someone else. Not only is it polite and selfless, it helps a man to understand what type of woman you are. This actually helps his courting because he knows how to apply it now. The little signs that he pays attention to you will come out when you get that bouquet of lilies as opposed to roses. When he cooks you salmon instead of baked chicken. It’s “precision” in courtship as I like to call it. But it also shows you his interest for sure.

“When he’s interested”: If a man allows you to share his world and he “let’s you in” it’s because he’s thinking with his heart and not his d**k. This is a big courting gesture that many women miss.

A path to a man’s heart can involve many things. However, there are many times when some men will welcome you into their world. They will do this by sharing their successes, their failures, and even their fears. When this is done it’s easy to overlook this, and some women take it so far as to use it against us. This is the worse thing you could ever do, and that’s because men don’t do this often. So when a man let’s you in, that is something to be valued and appreciated. And it’s one of the most common gestures women will miss!

“When he’s interested” Men and women alike do this when interested. They call you just because. Sometimes for nothing at all except to hear your voice. If a man expresses his excitement about seeing you, not just on the late night; don’t turn your nose up at it.

The little things, there is nothing bigger is there? Well, when a man is showing interest, like women we will take an interest in how your day is going. How you are feeling, and sometimes we may not want anything at all. Just to say hey is enough when a man is feeling you. Surely, anyone can see the value in that. But again it tends to be one of the most overlooked gestures a man can make. So the next time he calls you up, don’t always expect a hearty conversation. Even the comfortable silence can be a sign he’s into you!!

The art of courtship is not rocket science, but it does require effort and sincerity. The man who chooses to put forth this effort can find many rewards, provided she’s the right woman for him. Men do court women even in today’s fast paced, sex driven, misogynistic times. Believe it or not many men are more than willing to court you, but you must allow us to. Say yes to that date! And try to appreciate the little things a man will do, there is nothing bigger!    

Till next time TRP! –Nick Campbell 

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