Babies, a Blessing or Not?!

Babies can be a contentious topic depending on their origin.In a loving relationship between adults, babies are a blessing. Everyone agrees to that.

To a woman who has always wanted a child, be she single or married, to her it’s a blessing. Others may not see it that way.

To a woman whose birth control has failed, a baby could be seen as the biggest problem she’ll ever have.

To a man who has enjoyed the pleasures of a woman for an hour, a baby could be an expensive long term financial commitment.

To the adulterer, a baby could be a constant visible reminder of cheating.

To a teenager, a baby could be a ticket out of one situation and a sentence into another.

To a rape victim, a pregnancy could be seen as something positive out of a traumatic experience, as well as being regarded as being made a victim twice. To terminate an unwanted pregnancy is as soul wrenching as abandoning the child after it’s born.

However when we look at the conception of a child one thing is certain, the child is a result of actions taken by fertile individuals. A consequence! A welcomed one in some instances, and a most unwelcomed one in others.

The baby… is not at fault! In any situation, when dealing with teens having babies, the swollen abdomen or the child in the stroller is visible evidence of sexual behaviour. Again with adults who conceive, it’s visible evidence. Infidelity cannot be hidden once a child is part of the equation. At some point, lies, concealment, denial will come to the surface. It is this that causes much contention between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, child and parents. We can overlook the promiscuity when there is no visible evidence, even marks on the skin can be explained away or ignored. Babies can’t. Either sex took place, or intervention was applied.

A living, breathing, screaming bundle of human offspring will always be a blessing to someone, even if it’s not the birth parents. There is no such thing as an unwanted baby. Every baby born will be wanted by someone; will bring joy into the life of someone, regardless of the dubious beginning.


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