Time Brings Change

By: Nick Campbell

As we get older, and presumably maturer, our way of thinking changes. Our so called “type” can change because our lives change. If your a parent the type of partner you desire tends to change. You get more concerned about stability, character, and values of a person. And that’s because if you’re a responsible parent you won’t just bring anyone around your children. Just like when most people approach the dirty 30+ mark, we tend to revisit our criteria and reevaluate what makes us tick. But in the process of all that, have you stopped to look at what your type is now? Have you ever compared it to about 5 years or so? What do you see that’s changed? If they haven’t changed, would you consider going outside of your norm to look for love? That’s something to consider because as we grow, there comes a point where we have to look at the situation and ask: is this working for me? Are you holding out on love because you think you’ll find perfection? Something to ponder as we all come to an important point in our adult lives.

 “Time brings change and change comes with time”. So how have things changed in respects to your “type”? Is your “type” the same as it was say 5 years ago? What’s changed?

You remember back when you were like 21, and the type of person that attracted you  was usually on the superficial tip? Well, over time as you mature do you notice how that changes and evolves? The same thing that turn on lights in you at 21 will actually turn you off at 30. Part of change is the internal change, and this is directly related to our priorities. The things we want want from a potential mate are usually reflective to where we are maturity wise. Something to ponder….

Would you be willing to date someone who normally isn’t your “type”? Is your comfort zone holding you back from finding a match?

Did you know that statistics show the average height of a man is 5’9? But yet in still, a tall man tops the list for a lot of women. So with that said how many of you would be willing to go against the grain and conventional by trying something new? Not saying you have to get with a midget per se, but how about a 5’9-5’10 brotha? Or fellas, what if you met a nice woman who may not be “stacked” like you prefer? Would you go outside of your comfort zone and give it a shot anyway? What if their intellect was that intriguing? Venture out and try something new, you’d be surprised!

Thinking back to your prior relationships, what’s the main thing about YOU that’s changed?

Do you notice in change in YOU over the years? Do you find that you’re not easily angered as much? Or do you find that you can communicate your feelings better or worse? These are things that come along with change. We can improve or decline, there isn’t a lot of standstill in life. And if there is, you’ll notice some negativity in your life as a result. Something to consider as we ponder where we are later in life.

If you have children how do they affect what type of person to date? What’s important to you about that?

Is it their cooking? Or how about their motherly instincts? Do you consider the way he treats his mother or other kids? These are all factors and the things we observe when we consider someone to date. But the kicker here is the fact that you are a parent. Which naturally raises the stakes in any situation dating wise. A responsible parent will date with their kids in mind. They may not control the decision, but they definitely influence it. So of course this is very important to think about in our progress in life.

So time does bring about change and it is to be embraced. Take it in stride and with grace so you can learn from it…

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Nicholas Campbell

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