Double Standards


By Nick Campbell:

In dating there are many double standards. I wouldn’t be able to cover them in this article even if I tried. There are too many to choose from. Example: The guy who lays many is a stud, the woman who does the same is a slut. Or the child double standard: A man has 4 kids and ladies look at him like he has crap on his face. But the same women with a brood behind her gets praise. Pick your poison, either way it’s not fair. But as always I never try to reinvent the wheel, I just felt it was worth discussing.

Why is that 30+ men who have Rap ambitions get torn apart, but yet I see a lot of 30+ women trying to be models and singers all day? Is that fair?

How many internet models do you know? I know several, as a matter of fact I know too many. None of them are under contract with any agency, they pay photographers to shoot their “portfolios” and haven’t appeared in any magazines. And when they pursue their goal of being a “model” everyone supports them and tells them how beautiful they are. Ok…. But when men pursue rap careers in the same fashion, they become a pariah. They are ripped to shreds for doing the same exact thing. Which is to pursue their dreams of being in the rap game. They’re labeled a dreamer, slacker, deadbeat ETC. So is that fair? Something to think about. Now of course if you end up like this then it’s time to reconsider….



How is it that an unmarried man with 4-5 kids gets the gas face, but a woman with the same amount of kids gets a pass and we’re a jerk if we aren’t cool with it ? Why?

Imagine this scenario: You meet a woman at a bar and you hit it off. She tells you that she is a single parent. Ok, you shrug it off and move on to the conversation. You tell your friends and family about this person yet and still no one blinks an eye. Now imagine a man in that same scenario. He tells the woman he has 4 kids and all of the sudden the conversation changes up. It’s like whoa… The homegirls are like what? Oh hell naw!! Basically, the tone changes and it’s different. All of these insinuations and assumptions come up and hence the double standard come in. It’s worthy to ask ourselves why that is…


“Some” black women decry black men who date white/other women. Yet, a lot of trends black women follow are heavily European focused (straight hair, perms, wigs, weaves) what are your thoughts?

Now we all know “good hair” has been a polarizing issue in the black community for a long time. Again, I won’t try to reinvent the wheel. But it does make you wonder how some black women don’t approve of black men dating other races. Because in this American culture which is heavily influenced by European culture, black women spend billions of dollars in making their appearance emulate that exact target of their ire. So the term “double standard” is a relevant and important term that we must tackle. Besides, who wants to be a hypocrite??


There are many challenges to dating and double standards happen to be one of them. Do they suck? Yes! But don’t let it get you down or frustrate you… 


Till next time TRP! 

~Nick Campbell 



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