Trendsetter or Follower?

There seems to be a lot of pressure to follow the current trends of this Niki Minaj aka fake Barbie child. What are your thoughts on young girls and grown women following this trend?

We’ve all been influenced by something one way or another in our lives.  It just seems to me that our kids are not just emulating hairstyles or clothing but they are trying to take on the lives of some of the industry people that they admire.  That is where a good strong foundation at home comes in.  Granted, no matter what we teach them, they are still individuals and will try to stretch their wings a bit even if we don’t approve.  As for grown women dressing like Barbie dolls…  It’s time to get it together for real.

When you were a kid, what star did you emulate (if any)? Do you feel that the people children today emulate are damaging to the children’s perception of life in some way? Yes or No? How?

As a child I really didn’t want to be anyone else.  I wanted to be a singer.  I loved Janet Jackson’s hair in Pleasure Principle so I got my hair cut like that.  All I knew was that I wanted to be famous and just be Angel.  I never pretended to be anyone.  It’s the foundation that I had growing up.  Being encouraged to be anything that I could dream of gave me endless possibilities all of my own.

What do you think are the differences between our generation following trends and our children’s generation? Do you find that we were trend setters more than followers of stars? Are our kids more trend setters or followers?

I believe that the major difference is that the wrong lifestyles have been glorified.  Pimps were glorified in the 70s and then it died down.  We were proud of ourselves and our blackness (we black folks) so we took on more positive roles and as children we emulated those things.  Hip hop became prevalent.  I can remember when songs were just about parties and good times had on the block.  Now kids are emulating killings, gang members, we have fake crips and bloods in the schools.  Things are NOT what they were when we were kids.  The difference is that while we emulated what we saw, what we saw was generally good.  Today, the things our kids see are not so good.  Unfortunately it’s all that some will ever see as they are being babysat by televisions.

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