Take Care Of Yourself

This wrap up is going to be a bit different than any of our other wrap ups.  I just want to talk to you all for a moment.

Today has been a hodgepodgey sort of day because I have been a bit out of sorts.  I suffer high blood pressure and for the last 4 weeks, it has been extremely high.  I’ve been to the ER.  I’ve been to my urologist and today I went to my primary care doctor.  She is truly a wonderful physician.  She doesn’t stop until she finds what is wrong.  We’re trying some new things including changing my medicine.  We’re hoping that is the trick and we can get things back under control.  It has been a rough 4 weeks of not feeling so well and worrying and sometimes not worrying enough because I’d gotten tired of worrying.

I am sharing this with you all to admonish you to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! If it doesn’t feel right, go to the doctor.  If it hurts, go to the doctor.  Get a physical every year.  Please take care of yourselves.  I tried so hard to just think, “Well, we’re get it under control.  It’ll be okay.”   You know what my doctor said?  She said that no matter how much I’d like to think that it’s no big deal, a stroke doesn’t care nor does a heart attack.  You can’t just get tired of worrying.  You be proactive and get it straight and don’t stop until you do.  So please everyone, take good care of yourself.  Your family needs you.  Your children need you.  Your friends need you and this world needs you!  If you are a care taker like me, who loves to take care of everyone and put yourself last, stop.  Adjust.  Put yourself first sometimes.  I’m trying really hard to learn that and it’s not easy.  But I know it’s doable.  I’ll help you if you’ll encourage me.

Thanks for reading.  I love you all.  I honestly do.

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