Summer Trimming

Motivation is the one thing that keeps people on track when starting any new project. Anything other than, I deserve the result of the effort I put in, I want to challenge myself and rise to the challenge, I need to do this to improve my way of life or even my life expectancy, is going to have an impact on whether you are successful or not. Any answer that starts with, someone other than you is the wrong answer.

When choosing your program, be it a change of diet, a change of lifestyle or a change in behaviour, make it achievable with short term goals as well as the long term one. Being able to visualise small stages will give encouragement to keep going.

Tell others what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve. Give them the go ahead to police you.

If possible, get some company so you can encourage each other. The phrase ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ really does help.

Treat yourself, with each short term goal achieved, treat yourself to something, a purchase, an evening out, a hair do, spa evening, just something that won’t set you back on your program but makes you feel like you are having a reward.

Keep a diary, track your progress, once a week go back to the beginning and read what you were thinking, You will have a tangible record that you can refer to long after you reach your goal. It might also help someone else who is doing their own journey to improvement.

Lastly, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy… if you are miserable, is it really worth it?



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