Step-Parent Jealousy

Do you believe that step-parents can be jealous of their spouse’s children? Why or why not? Tell me of an instance in which you know this to be true.

Jealousy is a human emotion felt by any person at some time.  Being jealous of your spouse’s children is unnecessary but can happen.  These are things that need to be talked out as husband and wife and worked out to where the family can thrive together.

Why do you think that someone that has a child in their house that they are taking care of with no help from the biological parent would call their child “step”? If you are a step-parent and you do this, tell us why.

In my home we don’t refer to anyone as step. We are a his, mine an ours family. We have all of the children in our home.   We are truly blessed.  I realize that a lot of families aren’t the same.  This is a really tense subject as some step parents and even a child of a step parent feel that they should not be called just the child of a step parent.  They feel that it’s disrespectful.  It’s truly up to each family as to what they want to do or how comfortable they are with their situation.  As for me and my house, any step child is my child.  I would never draw the line of distinction between them and my kids.  It comes off to me as callous and not caring.

There are some parents (typically moms/sons and dads/daughters) that give a lot of time and attention to their children but we’re talking about spoiled kids that parents over indulge. If you were the step parent, how would you handle that? Can jealousy come into play in a situation like that? Would you fault the parent for being jealous or blame the over indulgent parent?

An over-indulgent parent is about one of the worst things that can ever happen to a child.  However the child is not to blame here depending on their age.  How to handle the relationship between parent and child is something that should be discussed in full and over a period of time between a couple before they ever marry.  A potential mate should be able to watch exchanges between parent and child so that they can make informed choices on whether or not they want this life.

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