The Soundtrack To Your Life

Today we’re going to talk about your life in film, print and music and seasons.  If your life were a movie, what would it be called? (You can make up a name or choose one that already exists.)

There are so many genres of movies to choose from.  Where you are in your life will determine what you choose.  Right now I’m in a Romantic Comedy.  I tend to stay there.  My life is funny in a good way and the romance is consistent and lovely.

If you could choose a song for this moment in your life, which would it be and why?

A great song for this moment in my life would be Blessed by Jill Scott.  Everything is fantastic.  I pray the same for each of you.  For those of you that are in a growth moment, it’s coming.  I promise!

If you could choose a book or even write a book about the great things in your life, what would be the name?

Dancing, Singing and Making Merry is a great choice for me.  I smile A LOT these days.  God has truly brought me to a great place.  Even though I have a few hiccups from time to time, the most important things (my family, my relationship with God) are a blessing right now.

What season is your life in? Are you in a new beginning (spring)? Are you going through a hard time (winter)? Where are you right now in your life and how can you get to where you want to be if you aren’t there?

I’m loving every moment of this summer that I’m in.  Since January, life has been on a lazy stroll on a summer day down a dirt road hand in hand with the man that God gave me to, the head of our family, my amazing husband, Armann.  Our kids are wonderful and we’re all in a great space.  We’ve come a truly long way to be here and we are so GRATEFUL to be here.  God is good.  For those of you that are in winter or fall, spring and summer are right around the corner for you!  Keep focused.  Be encouraged.  Be blessed.  I love you all.

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