The Power of the Pole

By Nick Campbell:

Ahhh the power of the pole, it’s something I’ve warned many of female friends about and it always goes unheeded. I spoke about it in a speech titled “The 10 ugly truths of dating” which is to never underestimate the power of the pole. There is a running debate between men and women about who gets more sprung over good sex. I’ve always erred on the side of the women because I’ve watched them become dicktimized over men many times. Does that mean men don’t get pussy whipped? Not at all, but do we get that way on the level of women? Hmmm, I’ll let you call that one. But below is the discussion about being dicktimized and the power of the pole.

You’ve all seen the “power of the pole” at work. I know many a men to get away with murder because they lay the pipe right. What say you TRP? Have you seen it?

Don’t act brand new, you’ve seen your girlfriend going thru the motions of a man playing the hell out of her. Credit ran up, car notes being co signed, you name it. Even cheating gets forgiven? Sound familiar? You think he’s that slick? That charming? How about the power of the pole? Could be the culprit! (I’m just saying) As “Leressa” puts it: “If it get REAL good to you it can sometimes require an intervention AND a 12 step program to get off that ish!!! …smh….Oh the memories!!! 😉


Ladies, you all know that one homegirl who’s on her 7th breakup with a dude. On the 8th before you roll your eyes remember these words: power of the pole.

Do you keep track of how many times your girlfriend breaks up and gets back with a dude? Well, I don’t but if that number starts to climb past like 2 or 3 it’s likely your girlfriend is being dicktimized. You can see the signs early, the griping about how trifling he is, only to hear things are all good in paradise the next week. You know what happened? He layed it on her and everything is well again. So next time you shake your head in disbelief and you’re searching for an answer, remember the words “power of the pole”!


The dicktimized edition- Ladies, you all have friends that are going thru or have gone thru this. What is your advice for recovering “dicktims”? How can they move on?

Like any problem recovering from it requires some work and dedication. Is there a way to break free from being a “dicktim”? Surely there has to be a way to move on from being under the influence of the pole right? What would you advise for a woman dealing with this?

Valerie” said: “Cut it off cold turkey and make sure all parties understand that this isht is OVER… suffer through the withdrawals, stay busy until you long for him no longer

Toy” puts it plainly: “My advice……GET A F#$%ING GRIP!!!


Signs you or a friend is a victim of the almighty pole: She’s co-signing loans, ignoring cheating signs, and anything else logical. Only the “pole” can do that. Do you know the signs?

Can you spot the signs? How would you know yourself or even a friend was the victim of the pole? What would you do? What could you say? Is there anything you can say? Or does someone have to go thru the motions and learn on their own? It can get tricky because you want to be a friend, but don’t grown ass people have to get knocked on the head to figure out what they need to know? It’s hard to say, so it’s somewhat debatable about how to resolve it.

I hope you enjoyed our discussion today, if you missed it there will be a remix next for the fellas about being “Pussy Whipped” this will be interesting.

Till next time!


Nicholas Campbell


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