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By Nick Campbell:

In the wake of “Weinergate” there has been a lot of commentary about yet another politician sex scandal. So, in the wake of the latest one involving N.Y congressman Anthony Weiner, an interesting question was posed to me by a fan. It was simple, yet intriguing at the same time. “Why don’t you ever hear about women politicians getting caught up in sex scandals?” I’m not a political pundit per se, but I took it a step further. I don’t recall many women period getting caught in sex scandals. So the bigger question remains: Why do women get caught cheating less than men? Well, there are several factors but I won’t try to reinvent the wheel here, let’s have a look at a few today on TRP:

Why do you think women get caught cheating less than men do?

The typical response I hear most often about this topic range from women are smarter, women don’t cheat, ETC ETC.. However, women do cheat and they do it at almost the same rate as men (54% to be exact according to studies) But what’s your take? Why do you feel women get away with things more? Are they that sly?

So with a 54% rate of women admitting to infidelity, it’s often accompanied by a “justification”or excuse to why she did it. How fair is that?

Often when a story about women cheating is told, we always hear because come somewhere after it. “It’s because he was treating her bad” Or “he was neglecting her needs” ETC. So why is that? Do women have a special exemption to cheating? Does the presumption stand that men cheat for the fun and women don’t? Is that logical? Could it be that women cheat for the same exact reason as men? The same media that crucifies men in the media will allow women a certain impunity when it comes to infidelity.

Random reason women don’t get caught creeping: They don’t typically carry condoms; no need to keep a count or get rid of evidence.. (they expect YOU to have them)

I’ve heard many of stories from men who break down the process of having to “replenish” their condom count. It has to be the same brand, type, and they even go all out and will crumple it in their pocket to get rid of that brand new replacement feel. Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? As I’m listening to this “procedure” I’m asking the guy: Why not just stop creeping? But hey do you if that works… But this is one area where women don’t have much work to do on covering up their indiscretion. They figure you’d better be strapped up and they are not supplying. No need to keep count, and when you’re done you have to dispose of it (“I’m not touching that thing!”) **Shrug**

One possible theory to why women are slicker at creeping could be their discreetness. Both sexes tend to share their sexual experiences with friends. But who keeps it on the down low better, men or women?

Umm, yeah, women talk as much as men do to their girls about sex. Probably more than we do! However, I’ve heard about the cardinal rule most women follow about talking sex with friends. I’ve heard about the possible backfiring of telling your girlfriend about how good your man’s sex is, they say you do so at your own risk. That girlfriend is nodding her head listening and thinking to herself “I gotta see this for myself”. There is some degree of truth to that, because we’ve all seen this movie before. So who is better at keeping the creeping to themselves? This could help show why women tend to not get caught cheating as much.

One more random theory to why women are slicker than men: Men are more tolerant to being the sidepiece than woman are. Simple formula: Side piece Men won’t blow up the spot like a woman will

When a man is a sidepiece, boo thang, boyfriend #2 whatever you want to call it, there is typically a simple reason for it. It’s just sex to him! For that reason the likelihood of a man blowing the spot up goes down. However, women don’t accept that role very willingly. If you do manage to get them to accept it, then it’s only a matter of time before they get fed up, and the jig will be up! Cue the slashed tires, cakes with a butcher knife in it on your porch, prank calls…… you get the picture….

So do women truly have it easier than the fellas when it comes to creeping? I’ll let you be the judge of that! Fun topic, great discussion!

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