The Marriage Decline

By Nick Campbell:

Numerous reports have been coming out detailing the decline of marriage in the US. The marriage rate among adults are dropping to startling levels. So today we took a peek into some possible causes. Have you ever spoke with friends and family about this? What’s some of the issues that come up when people speak about marriage? I’ve heard things from the lack of honesty, trust, and lack of quality. My information is different then the next person’s, so below is the discussion we had about the decline in marriage.


Is the act of marriage truly dying? Why?

Compared to prior generations the rate of people getting hitched is dropping sharply, so what’s causing it?

I believe in a way it is dying… some people feel that if we’re together & commited to one another why do a cermony? Then you have others that marry for the wrong reasons and have divorces. The marriage percental with AA’s is slowly decreasing. Some people want to marry and their partner doesn’t so people settle for less.” -Tatiana

I guess it depends on who u ask. Everyone will view this question in a different light. In my opinion marriage has not died however when u are married couples rather breakup then continue to work on their relationship so they can stay married. I feel couple marry then yrs go by and they change. They then realize they don’t fall in love with this “new” person but the person they married yrs ago. You must communicate all the time and continue to work on ur relationship no matter what situation or hardships arise.“-Chanelle


Do you feel our generation has a particular “fear” of settling down? Or do you feel it’s other issues (money, career)?

Are people perhaps “afraid” of marriage? Or in fear of falling in love and committing? It’s a worthy debate, the lack of commitment in both of men and women has been the subject of many reality shows and movie topics.

Our lack of respect for life, money and friendship has been breading fear for so long. We just see fear; fear to take a stand, fear to change. Where are all my Kings and Queens at? Lets, from today on stand our ground in this life and demand respect and show respect. be better friends, demand that our friends be better friends. Manage our money better, Invest in ourselves. Only when we respect our selves we will be willing to take responsibility for our actions and commit to our relationships.”-Charles


When I asked a few folks about the biggest challenges in regards to black love, the most frequent answer was a lack of honesty. Do you agree with that or not? Are we keeping it real with each other?

I think trust is a bigger issue than honesty cause even if a person keeps it 100 all the time most ppl have trust issue from past relationships or things that they did in the past that they know wasn’t right & they are affraid for the carma they have coming their way so they takeit out on other, or they are just so affraid of being hurt they don’t know how to LOVE!“-Theresa

I think the biggest challenge in black love is COMMUNICATION and ACCOUNTABILITY!! We don’t talk. Lack of conversation leads to misunderstandings. And then no one wants to step forward and say I was wrong or I’m sorry. Everyone has this “it is what it is attitude”.-TeeTee

So today’s talk has been about the decline in marriage, but what are your thoughts about those who choose to never marry?

Unless we talk with those people at the end of their lives we never know if they chose to, or they just didn’t. Two of my friends are spinsters, I’m 50 and they’ve have never been married. One said she let the perfect man slip through herĀ fingers because she too wrapped up in her job that eventually laid her off. My other friend was never satisfied with the man who would have moved the moon and stars for her. He offered to build her a home to her terms AND build a room on for her mother who was a partially paralized. On the condition that she move to Seattle where he accepted his residency. She told him to accept one in Houston. He went without her, now he’s married and has 5 children that could have been hers. Both was because of selfishness.“-Jackie

Interesting feedback and this discussion brings up many valid points about the decline of marriage. It’s touchy subject for some, but for others they don’t blink an eye. #Go figure it’s one of the those topics that will always be divided down the line of opinion.

Great discussion!

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