Guilt Free Vacation

Let’s go on vacation today, shall we? Here’s the scenario:
You’re going alone. You’re single. You’re childless. You’ve got a bangin’ body and you’re gorgeous. You’re the nicest person anyone ever knew. Money is no object. You’re all about having fun. STD’s don’t exist in this world.
Now… Where is your destination (you can only choose one)? Why do you choose that place?

Now that we’ve got a destination, let’s talk about what we’re going to do.
Tell me three things outrageous things (outrageous for you) that you’re going to do on this trip and why?

You’re on day 3 of your vacation and you notice this same person that you’ve seen every day. He/She approaches you, makes small talk, gets flirty and slides a sheet of paper toward you with a note written on it. They lean in close smelling incredibly decadent, give you an embrace with a kiss on the earlobe and walk away without another word.
What did he/she write on the paper?

Your shopping in a place near your hotel and bump into someone that you know from home. You’ve admired them quietly for a while. Yall have lunch and drinks together. You agree to get together later for dinner. As you’re parting, he/she kisses you in a, “It’s not gonna end right here. There’s a whole lot more…” sort of kiss.
What happens next?

Everyone deserves a vacation.  Life gets crazy.  We work hard, raise kids, have marriages and relationships.  We are one of the only countries where people die from work related stress.  What about the other countries?  They believe in taking a break.  Siestas.  Three week vacations is one of a few that you take in a years time.  So what if you could just get away completely alone on a no holes barred trip that you had no reason to feel  guilty about?  Would you take it?

Would you enjoy time with a stranger?  Would you walk naked on the beach?  Would you do something daring that you would never dream of doing in your every day life?  Or would you just cuddle up with some good books, great drinks and sit in solitude so that you could think all on your own with no one else to worry about?  Fantasy.  We all have imaginations but how about if your fantasy could truly happen?  Would you go for it?  I know what I would do.  What about you?

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