De-stressing Your Life

When you wake up in the morning and wish that you could go back to bed right away, you know that the morning could be difficult. What sort of things can you do before you get out of bed that could help calm you so that the day can be easier to handle?

Prayer, meditation or relaxation exercises can all help just before you get out of bed.  Say a quick prayer, take some deep breaths and concentrate on something good and see if it will help.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel if you just pause a moment and take some time to yourself to get your day started.

Putting a dab of a calming essential such as lavender, mandarin, or rosewood on your neck so that you can readily breathe it in can really change your mood into a calmer one in just a few minutes.  Do you have any scents that calm and relax you? What are they?

I love sandalwood, lavender, patchouli and a few other scents for relaxation.  It’s all up to you.  You can find little bottles of these scents in any store that sells hair care products or online.  They’re nice to wear as your scent instead of perfume or cologne and will also have a calming effect on those around you.

Put on some music with a beat that is slower than your heart rate. This will slow your own heart rate down. It will work even quicker if you sing or hum along.  What are some of your stress relieving techniques?

I love cleaning when I’m stressed.  Crying is effective as well.  It’s quite a release.  Whatever works for you and keeps you from losing it on someone else or hurting yourself in some way.

Do you have a stress preventative? What are some things that can be done BEFORE life gets stressful? Do you exercise regularly? Do you have a therapist or trusted friend that you can talk to? What do you do to ensure that things don’t get to a stressful place?

Regular exercise, a good sleep regiment or a good friend to call on regularly surely can help keep life from becoming stressful.  Consider your lifestyle and all of the things that we bring upon ourselves.  What are some things that you can do to alleviate some stressors in your life?  If you take the time to find out what you can get rid of, I’m sure that you’ll find yourself in a better place.

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