The Date From Hell


By Nick Campbell:

So….. we’ve all had a nightmare date before right? The pompous guy taking peeks at the women around you, the chick who takes a 30 minute phone call or won’t stop checking her Facebook. Admit it though, you’ve checked your Facebook under the table on a date right? Or in the bathroom perhaps? Hmm, or how about the ex popping up at the house while you’re cupcaking with the boo? Or even worse the baby daddy showing up with her name tatted on his neck, looking like he mad at you. Here we go with more drama in the projects! Have a look at some horror stories from TRP fans:


Ever had a date from hell? What happened? Have fun reminiscing!


“His car was raggedy as hell (rusted out…no paint…headliner damn near sitting on the front seat) SO we took my car (at his suggestion)…we go to Red Lobster (I hate Red Lobster which I told him in a previous phone conversation)…he calls and checks his credit card balance at the table AND he had a big ass bugger in his nose half the night…I avoided his phone calls after that”-Tabatha







He came to pick me up…never got out of the car to greet me, open the door etc. and as I was walking to the passenger side my right heel got caught in a dented crevice in the cobblestone and I fell into the snowbank…I got up, no thanks to him and proceeded to sit my ass in the car as if nothing happened…until he snickered and then asked if I was okay….lol, I laugh now but at the time, I was like…really dumbass?! and the night didn’t get any better…his conversation was boring and his breath smelled like old hot dog water…smh

















Check Please#1: “I was having dinner with a guy who wouldn’t stop checking his phone and acting nervous. Later, I found out why. This guy used the check in feature on FB and his girlfriend came and busted him out!” What would you do TRP?


Facebook’s check in feature is probably responsible for at least 25% of all break ups since it’s been introduced. Surely, the guy had an epic failure announcing he was on a date and shouldn’t be. So what would you do in a situation like that?

“Took my food to the bar and watched…not saying a word” –Sharla ” “LMAO from a nice distance away.” –Cariesha

Check Please#2: Fellas, you’re chilling at a Applebee’s with your date and everything is going good. You’re locking eyes and cup caking until the BD pops up. With her name tatted on his neck and he looking like he mad at you. Bar fight? Or check please?

“Depends on how comfortable she is at that moment…If im done with my meal…What I have on…(can’t scuff up the hard bottoms)¬†And if its a jealous look or a im trying to do something look”-Samuel

“Ima look at ole’ dude then get back to my conversation with my date. If she has a problem with him being there we van up and leave. Obviously he’s the babydaddy and she’s the babymama because there relationship didn’t get any further.”-Dorian


Ladies, stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re at dinner with a date, the bill comes and the infamous question pops out. “You got this right?” Don’t think it happens? Or what about “I forgot my wallet” Sound familiar? Is there ever a way to predict these dates? What are the signs of a bad date waiting to happen?

I’ve had it happen….there were no signs..we had great convo and when the bill came he passed me the bill and got up lol..I can laugh about it now…sad part is he tried to get some when he dropped me off..smh….“-Rosalind

I had it happen to me a few times, but I tell them, if I have to pay, you better drop those drawers…….you would be surprised the reaction when a woman acts like a dude……they be trembling because they knew if he didn’t Man Up, I was¬†gonna make him feel real bad. Needless to say, it didn’t happen much because the guys knew I’m real with it and yes, I got more better quality dates. One thong I do now is tell the guy to meet me at the function. If he comes in a cab, he has his wallet. I also let him order first. If he orders something from the kids meal talking about he just has a taste for tater tots, he broke, go to the ladies room closest to the exit.“-Anna

All dates don’t end up in disaster, and they all don’t have to be nightmares. But if possible, remember them for what they’re worth. Learning lessons, teachable moments, and plenty of laughter to look back on. (I hope!) Hope you enjoyed today’s discussion…

Till next time..



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