What Would You Do?


Your 14 year old daughter comes to you to tell you that she’s pregnant… but not by her boyfriend. She’s pregnant for a 22 year old man that she met online that lives in your area. She wants to have an abortion but you don’t support abortions. Considering the 22 year old man and the abortion…

What would you do?

Your 16 year old son comes to you and shares that he had sex with your older daughter’s friend who is 20 years old. She’s pregnant and they want to have a relationship because they love each other and don’t want to hide that from anyone. She also wants him to be a father to his child and she wants child support. You’ve known her since she was 15 as she’s your daughter’s best friend.
What would you do?

Your husband/wife tells you that they got a phone call from their ex-spouse’s parents. The ex just died of A.I.D.S. You and your spouse get tested. They test positive and you are negative. The disease was for sure given to your spouse by his/her ex. You have 3 children, a thriving business and your dream home. Your marriage is good and you both love one another very much.
What would you do?

You host a party at your house. Everyone is dancing and having a good time when you notice that your best friend has been in the bathroom for a long time. You go looking for her out of worry. You go to your guest bathroom where you find her and your brother-in-law (married to your sister) having sex.
What would you do?

The pictures above are all 14 year old girls.  Is there 1 picture up there  that does not indicate that the girl is 14?  Bra sizes, shoe sizes, clothing sizes, sexual desire nor pretending to be older than what you are is a reason or excuse for any adult to have a sexual relationship with a child.  If you pretend to be something that you are not, you are immature.  Any child “pretending” to be grown is just a child pretending.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.   A child is NEVER to blame for making adult decisions but the grown person that chooses to involve themselves with a child surely is.  May he/she rot underneath a jail cell.

I want to quote a fan from our page on the question concerning a spouse that is HIV positive by no fault of their own:
“This hits so close!  We werent married but i stayed with him. a year after finding out, he died. this is my first time mentioning this i never told my friends or anybody. i hope i dont regret saying it here.” << This happened 6 years ago and she’s still testing negative.  Thank God!  I just want to say to her (and she knows who she is), you are one courageous, loving, kind hearted and selfless woman.  God bless you.  We’re all so moved by your story.  Thank you for sharing it with us!

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