Word on The Sheets

By Nick Campbell:

It’s about that time again for the infamous street interviews. In my true reporter style I decided to let the ladies speak into the tape recorder and get their thoughts about men and sex. Yes, I let them vent about men and sex ( I know I’m a brave soul). Although I find it interesting these random women would discuss sex and relationships with me. Hmm, well it was pretty unfiltered and straight up. What an opportunity for the fellas to peek their head in and see what the ladies think about us fellas. What’s the most common mistakes men make in the bed, what some women actually want from a man in regard to sex, and of course the one spot that will drive a woman crazy (not what you expect). Without further ado, below is the discussion we had about the word on the “streets”…..

Ignoring the other parts of her body..

The breast and the vajayjay aren’t the only buttons to press. Try a little exploration. Take an ice cube to her inner thigh and back. The back of her neck can be a mine field of nerves. And with the right whisper you could say your abc’s in her ear and turn her on.








How soon us men forget how the woman’s body is such a crafty, explosive, and land mine of nerves. Have you ever sat back and wondered how much pleasure you can inflict on a woman’s body? With men it’s not much to it, I mean it’s not rocket science. Some good head, kiss on the neck, maybe the nipples and you got us. But with a woman there is such a vast number of options. You’ve got the inner thighs, the back, the neck, the ears, ETC to the tenth power. Imaging the possibilities! Basically, this was one of my favorites from the ladies. Particularly, a very sexy bartender hipped me to this one.


Don’t ask don’t tell

Typically, if you have to ask if she came…. she probably didn’t. If she’s not faking it you will “usually” know when a woman has an orgasm. So it’s best not to ask.

Should you ever ask if your lady had an orgasm? It’s debatable, on one hand you want to be sure you’re doing your job and she is satisfied. But on the other hand, if you’ve done it, you likely won’t have to ask. Your back will look like you called Freddy Kruger a fag, the headboard and walls will have damage, and the neighbors will surely know you on a first name basis. Personally, if you haven’t made her speak in tongues yet, you haven’t hit the spot. Well,…. maybe that’s a little too extreme. For example, “Chanelle” said: “u will never know wit me… I’m a screamer and a moaner.” So what can you do about that? She may not necessarily go buck-wild at first, until you pull back the sheets and see the puddle she left behind. IJS


Set the mood
If you must use a soundtrack to your sex scene, choose carefully. But understand if you put on Lil Jon, Plies, or wacka flocka o_O you’re headed for epic failure. Can I suggest some Maxwell, Prince, or Sade? What do you suggest?

Setting the mood and environment for lovemaking is so crucial, it’s such an important step in the preparation that it may get lost on us fellas. But if you decided to set the mood with a soundtrack, I’d advise against something too abrasive. That is all dependent on the mood of you and your mate of course. But many women want to make love to something a bit more romantic than wocka flame or Plies. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the sampling of fans:



“Loose Ends”



I think you get the picture!

I really wish I could fit all the interviews and responses in on one day, but that’s my time ladies and gents! Tune in next time and I may revise the old list I did about “common mistakes women make in bed” who remembers that?

Till next time TRP!


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