Thoughts on Infidelity

People cheat.  They cheat in games.  They chat on tests. They cheat in business.  They certainly cheat in love.  There are so many questions about why people choose to cheat.  I don’t believe there’s really one answer.  The bottom line is that if you’re a cheater, it’s your choice and is not the fault of the person that you are involved with.  The responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the cheater.  With the news of the Shriver/Schwarzeneggar/housekeeper scandal, infidelity is the talk of the moment.




Infidelity- (noun) Marital disloyalty; adultery.

What are your honest thoughts on infidelity? Is there ever a time that it is acceptable? Why or why not?

Infidelity is never acceptable.  There is never a reason to cheat on the person that you’ve pledged your heart to.  There are a ton of excuses but there is NEVER a reason.

“It’s not the other woman’s fault. You can’t blame her. She’s not committed to you. He is.”
This is a very common opinion even if the woman knows that he’s married. Do you agree with this opinion? Why or why not?

I am of the opinion that women in the world are sisters.  We ALL are.  We are the same sex and should share a kindred feeling and respect for one another.  The above quote is about some of the most ridiculous rubbish I’ve ever heard.  If a woman chooses to have a relationship with or sleep with a married man, she is wrong.  She is just as wrong as the husband that she is cheating with.  At some point, I pray that women would learn to stand together so that a man cannot cheat.  We’d really be doing something then.

We always hear about a woman not being to blame in infidelity because the man made the commitment to his wife not the other woman. What we don’t ever hear is why that excuse doesn’t fly with men when their wives cheat. Is it just me or is someone smarter here?
Why are you not forgiving of “the other man” the way that some of you are forgiving of the other woman?

The plain and simple truth of it is that men are a part of a club.  We all know it.  A great deal of them will stick together no matter what happens.  I think that us ladies could take a clue or two from them in this respect.  Double standards tend to rule the day in most places in the world.

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