Ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions and choices. On occasion, it is necessary to make decisions for others, however, one also has to accept responsibility for ANY outcomes, that may occur when encroaching on the rights of an individual.

When in a relationship and/or part of a family unit. the people responsible for that unit have a responsibility not only to themselves but to the entire unit. Taking others into consideration it is important, all involved should able to put forward their opinion but someone has to make the ultimate decision.

When looking at equality in a relationship it is imperative that an agreement is made regarding who has the final say. There will be times when there can’t be a unified decision. Who gets this last word may change depending on the situation. On the other hand it may be decided that regardless of the situation one person makes the final decision. This latter mode of decision making is not for the feint hearted. To allow someone else to always have the last word takes a strength and commitment that eludes many of us. The potential of feeling resentful after a period of time is high. For some it works and works well. The decision maker may have proved them self highly capable of making the best decision all round and the family feel secure with this.

However we address the issue of responsibility in a family unit much discussion and ultimate agreement is paramount. Once the decision is made, the people involved need to commit to that decision and be as supportive as possible. To later ‘move the goal posts’, will cause confusion and discord which may result in a fragmentation of that unit.


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