Relationship vs. Singledom

On the face of it, people will say, being in a relationship is preferable to being single. Although many strive for that idealistic union where there is always someone to share the highs and lows with, always some to give support when you need it, regular sex; the list goes on, we must also remember that being single is not a disease, nor is it an uncomfortable place to be.

Be it vacationing, finance, personal development, relationship advice or social life, whether one is single or part of a couple, the most important thing is that one feels whole. If you lean on your relationship in order to feel valued, there is a problem and if you feel that because you are not in a relationship, you or your opinions are of less value, then again, there is a problem.

Whatever your status in life, embrace all that it has to offer, reject anything that demeans or belittles you or your concepts but most of all, find your own peace!



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