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Dear Relationship Playbook


My boyfriend and I have been together almost 2 years. He has never spent the night with me,I have never met his family,or his daughters.I am always alone on the holidays (including new years and valentines day) and I can never contact him during the holidays or his birthday,I can barely contact him on the weekend.When he has his girls and is on the phone with me he won’t even call me by name….am I the other woman….

Ok…but when I bring it up y does he try 2 make it seem like I’m crazy…like I’m just being insecure…do men think because they take care of a woman finacnially that they can just walk all over them…or because he is a few years older he has more “street smarts”…uh,I don’t know how 2 let go!

Part time lover

My thoughts…

Come on now, do you REALLY need to tell me that you’re the other woman?

You know damn well you’re the other woman, and it took you TWO YEARS to come to this conclusion?! Now I’m not going to call you dumb, but this is some pretty dumb ish. And before you and everyone else get all sensitive and say “I can’t believe he called her dumb” – look up the definition of dumb.

Will WavvyDumb – lacking intelligence or good judgment.

So yes, this is some dumb ish – REAL DUMB! Why does he make it seem like you’re crazy when you bring it up? So that he can keep effin’ you!

Come on now, this isn’t rocket science.

The fact that he’s taking care of you financially doesn’t make him think he can walk all over you. The fact that you have “Doormat” written across your forehead makes him think he can walk all over you. And hold up! Isn’t this 2011?!

Where is all that “independent women” BS, I hear about everyday. He isn’t your husband, fiance, or even your boyfriend (if you want to be real about it) so why is he taking care of you? What did you think, he was just going to take care of you for the sake of taking care of you? As far as he’s concerned, you’re just a piece of hired ass – excuse me, PART TIME hired ass.

I bet you he doesn’t even use a condom, huh?

IDK what’s so hard about letting go of part time humpin. It’s not like you have memories of holidays, family get-togethers, etc. You probably don’t want to say it, but I’m pretty sure it’s about the money and you enjoy not doing anything and having him “take care” of you. After all, it’s the American Dream, right?

Well except without the kids… husband… house… picket fence… holidays… etc.

Will Wavvy

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