In The Name Of Love

By Nick Campbell:

For today’s discussion we covered some ways to honor your partner and express your love. Sometimes in the daily grind of life, we get complacent with our lovers and we can neglect them. Maybe not in a malicious way, and it’s seldom on purpose. However, many times we forget to put a touch of love and care on everything we do in life. So today on TRP we set the challenge on how to show some love by doing the simple things. It’s not necessarily a lesson on courting, but more so how to preserve love and nourish it. The little things, sometimes there’s nothing bigger.


Love Suggestions: Never underestimate the romance that comes in a bouquet of roses. I know its a bit cliche, but it can brighten anyones day after a long day at work. Bonus tip: Deliver them yourself instead of a florist for an added touch!


Love Suggestions: Are you good with your hands? Feel for tension in your partners neck and shoulders, have a cold bottle of champagne on tap. Prepare a hot bubble bath and relax together as you get the kinks out. Bonus Tip: Add Lavender oil and some candles for an aromatherapy touch!


Love Suggestions: Pay attention to the weather, never let a rainy day go to waste. If your schedule permits, take a walk in the rain. Talk about whatever comes to mind. A kiss in the rain is like none other. Bonus Tip: Stay away from muddy rain if possible, don’t ruin your threads trying to be cute!


Love Suggestions: Two of the most powerful words in love’s dictionary: Just Because… A handwritten note on the counter, a simple phone call, a whisper in the ear while their sleep all can do the trick of telling them you love them just because.. Bonus Tip: Ladies, put it on the mirror using your lipstick..

Love Suggestions: Run a little interference, call your partner at work, then ask them to stop somewhere and pick up something for you. Give them the address (not the name) to the local day spa she hasn’t been to yet. When she arrives have her taken care of in advance, they greet her by name and layout the red carpet. Bonus Tip: You’ll thank me when she gets home!


Well, TRP, I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion on love suggestions. Hopefully you can come up with some of your own suggestions, remember it’s all in the name of love when you do it.

What are your suggestions??

Until next time TRP!


Nicholas Campbell

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