Decision Making

Does your family lurch from one crisis to another crossing your fingers that it will turn out okay?

Is there a system of decision making that everyone is happy with?

Are there disagreements about who will make the final decision BEFORE you can actually deal with the problem at hand?

Here is a list of things you can do to streamline your decision making process. Do this when there are no major decisions pending

  • Arrange a time when everyone involved is a captive audience, no distractions and no time limits.
  • Explain what the discussion is about and give time for all involved to think about it and decide how they think the decision making should be done. (Teenagers can be offhand with this as the often feel no one listens to them)
  • The Agenda (this is to make sure all points are covered, everyone has their say and you remain focussed on the subject)
  • Outline the present system of decision making.
  • Go around the table asking each one to say whether they are happy with the present arrangements not. (If ALL are in agreement that the present system works well, raise a toast to a happy family and go out for ice cream)
  • Make a note of each person’s point without comment.
  • When all comments have been recorded, address each one individually.
  • Summarise what has been said and agreed on.
  • Present the system that you feel would work best for all concerned and put it to a vote.
  • Keep doing it until there is agreement or at the very least acceptance if there is no unified agreement. (It is important that the people responsible for the unit are in total agreement)
  • Draw up your decision making policy and make it available to everyone for future reference.
  • Schedule reviews at agreed intervals.
  • Raise a toast to a happy family. (If it’s too late to go out for ice cream, grab some out of the freezer or break out the apple pie that you made earlier)


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